Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Zoo is Food for the Soul

We went to the zoo today, got a soft pretzel (uh..not raw, but we've been ridiculously awesome with what we put in our bodies, so it's okay...I did have an awesome banana, blueberry, strawberry, pear cranberry and avocado smoothie today for lunch, sounds weird but it was awesome.) I felt so great today, and the zoo is probably one of my favorite spots. (ps, whats up with my bangs. I wish they would just grow already!)
Today has also been so full of exciting news. We can fully share with everyone on Monday, but in short, we did an interview this morning for an editorial feature on our sunglasses! It was really exciting and we can't wait to share the whole thing on Monday!

With everything happening recently, I am trying to be more organized and be an overall responsible handmade shop owner. I have always been pretty responsible when it comes to shipping and the shop, but the volume of items to be shipped was much lower until recently. Also, we FINALLY got our CA business license. Oops. Now just waiting for our sellers permit to come in the mail. I guess I'm not that responsible...but better late than never, and the people at the Business Bureau said that we are okay with being a little late, as long as we're not making $100,000 MILLION dollars a year, you know. Trust me, we're not. ;) Do you little biz people have all your paperwork together? Was it easy or hard? This is kind of what our life looks like right now and I am absolutely loving it.
After chatting with Carla and Cal earlier, I am super pumped to work a little project of my own. I have been itching to paint more, and not just future cake orders, but really paint. I can't wait to share what I started working on! Those girls are best and I am so excited to have friends I can brainstorm ideas with.

So, that's my day. It was a great day off. We stayed super busy, squeezed in a trip to the zoo, took an afternoon nap, started and finished reading the June Book Club book, ate pretty great, healthy food and drank way too much coffee!! Tomorrow I am going to announce the July Book Club book!

I have two big cake orders tomorrow and want to get back to painting before I go to bed!!


Also, on a whim, I entered this crazy free trip to Paris giveaway. I have little to no hope of actually winning, but if you want to have little to no hope of going to Paris for free, you can enter too!


  1. Awe, my parents flew down and went to the san diego zoo today!! How funny. Wish I'd been there instead of at work! haha
    Congrats, glad you are getting recognition for those awesome sunglasses!


  2. Congratulations on all the buzz about your sunglasses! They really are the cutest :)

    A trip to the zoo is one of the first things on our Summer fun list once the boy I nanny finishes up all of the assignments he neglected to complete/turn in during school [oh kids!] I think I'm more excited about getting out of the house than he is!

  3. Congrats on the press! I can't wait to see what you paint!! You have gotten me very excited to start on a new side project of my own.

  4. so excited the business is taking off and your dreams are becoming reality! What an inspiration! I am about half-way through the June book! Can't wait to see what you pick for July!