Thursday, June 9, 2011

Branding Ain't Just for the Cows Anymore (+ cake)

In the short month since we started selling our sunglasses in the shop, I have played with a lot of ideas when it comes to a cohesive packaging and I think we finally found what works for us. I ran out of tissue paper and started using this pretty raw cotton fabric, and love it way more than tissue paper. And it's reusable! I am actually thinking about sewing little sunglasses bags, but haven't had the time, but maybe will try some out tonight.
We also designed this little drawing that we'll be printing on stickers to put on the boxes and include with purchases. I'll post about those when they're done. For right now, I'm drawing them by hand.
I love branding and I love making pretty packages, so this has been a lot of fun in the making. I can't wait to make little bags for bracelets and sunglasses, but you know me and taking on too many projects. It just doesn't ever work out....but you never know...


PS I had a lot of fun making this cake this morning for a fifth grade graduation party! Little pieces of chalk!!! ;)


  1. LOVE the packaging! That's one of the best parts about selling your handmade goods :)...and that cake is adorable!

  2. The packaging looks awesome!!

  3. The packaging amazing and the whole sunglass bag are a great idea!

    p.s- the cake is just adorable.

  4. Love the packaging, that's awesome!! Stickers sound exciting :) And that cake is so great!

  5. sewing sunglass bags would be awesome! i have a stupid little bag that i carry my sunglasses in from my boyfriends old snowboarding goggles. it's better than a clunky hard case.

  6. packaging looks great! I'm so excited about all your success!