Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Few Confections

I have been making desserts a long time. Mostly in moderately priced standard bakeries, which include a lot of boring things like bars and cookies and traditional cakes - of and that one time I worked in a Jewish bakery and made more hamantaschen than I like to admit. I snooze while I do those kinds of things, but when ever I get a chance to make something special, I revel in it. With a bakery in the works, it's fun to look back at the (sometimes embarrassing) confections of past. I always see the worst, but it doesn't mean I don't love them all. And I won't lie, my favorite cake of all time was the grave digger cake. That one was a blast, and made our nephews day!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Goat's Milk + Cheese Corn Bread

I love goat cheese and goats's milk (even though I can't have too much of it - it is much easier on my allergy than cow's milk, as it contains slightly lower levels of lactose) and boy, do I love corn bread. Every good southern girl better know how to make corn bread, that's a fact. I learned how to make corn bread a long time ago, but I learned how to make good cornbread from Doug's mom. In a skillet brushed with bacon fat. Perfect, every time. 
We had a house full of skateboarders the other night, so did a low country boil and the I opted for corn bread muffins. I substituted milk for condensed goat's milk and added dollops of goat cheese baked right on in the bread. 
Do you love cornbread? Do you mix anything in, or keep in plain? I'd love to know your favorite fixings. I'm off to tackle a to-do list a mile long, thankfully I have a helper today. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

What Maggie Pate Wore

YALL! It has finally happened. Miss Maggie Pate is a full time addition to the Tumbleweed blog! What better way to introduce her than to do an outfit post. Maggie is rad, simple as that. She's the best friend I have made in Chattanooga and I know it will be a life long friendship, at that. Not only does she give up her Wednesday nights to help me cut veneer, package orders and sometimes do my dishes (I know, I'm a slob!) but she listens to me gripe, and shares my deep love of junk food. I'm happy to have a partner to share this blog with and I can't wait for yall to get to know her and love her as much as Doug and I do! 
Mags has traveled around the world and led a pretty incredible life as a model, a maker, a tour manager and record label owner. I can't wait for her to add bits and pieces of herself to this space. We have been so busy and one Friday night I mentioned that I didn't have time to blog as much as I want to, and missed it. I think I offhandedly said "wouldn't it be rad if you just joined in." and she instantly said yes and we have been brewing ideas ever since. Thanks for hanging in while we adjust to this awesome change. 
Welcome aboard Maggie Pate! I sure am glad to have you here! 
Here are some links to get Maggie Pate's look : Jeans, Sweater, Boots, Earrings.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Infection

Sometimes something small and unimportant becomes big and scary and very important - but only when you least expect it and only when your whole life is focused on something else. We have been working on an extra special, extra large wholesale order this past month and it has consumed so much of our life that when Doug started talking about his leg hurting again we both just brushed it off. We all kept working and powering through the long and sleepless nights. But last week, when the pain became unbearable, we started paying more attention. As you know, he had an infection in a torn muscle and was on antibiotics for a few weeks that we thought has done the trick. But it just wasn't healing, and in fact, it was becoming worse. So, back to the hospital we went, and found out that the infection has spread to his lymph nodes. Back on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and bed rest.

The holidays are our busiest season and for being self employed, we don't take days off. We work endlessly to get orders out and we love it. But this has been scary. Infections are scary, and being in so much pain you can't walk, that's really scary too. So no matter what, no matter how many pending orders we have, no matter how much work we have, being healthy comes first and I feel lucky we have so many understanding, caring customers and friends.  

We are the kind of people who have to be drug to the doctors office kicking and screaming. We writhe in pain, cry, scream, cough up blood and chop the tips of our fingers off - and still insist that a doctor isn't necessary. But this experience, it has changed us. An infection in your body can be deadly and it is something that you don't take lightly. It took Doug almost a month before he let me take him to the hospital, and when the pain came back, it took a few days for me to convince him he had to go. We spent all night there, and when we got home and crawled into bed, we both felt better. I don't know what I would do without Doug and a fear of the hospital just isn't worth the risk. 

Anyways, long story short, we learned a lesson, Doug is already feeling a little bit better but is pretty confined to the couch for a little while and still in a lot of pain. We are leaving for Florida for Thanksgiving on Wednesday and I'm hoping a quick vacation and family time will do everyone good. We get pretty spoiled when we go home. 

Have you ever been hurt/sick and not done anything about it? I know there are lessons to be learned in all of this - tell us about yours. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tumbleweeds Gift Guide for the Best Friend

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We hope you enjoy this sweet gift guide for your best friend! Have you started holiday shopping yet? We're a little bit obsessed. 

ps. Sorry for the silence around here, it hasn't been an easy week, or an easy month for that matter. I hope to be blogging a lot more often. Thanks for sticking around. I love you all. - Beca

Friday, November 9, 2012

Marshmallow Madness

Image1 - Copy When I get into something, i get obsessed. It's a habit I am okay with when it comes to something as good as marshmallows. When I should be sleeping, or showering, or eating a full meal, you can find me instead over the stove top with bubbling sugar. It is my greatest relaxer. And pretty dang good to eat too.  WI3J6742 WI3J6770 WI3J6767 - Copy WI3J6748 - Copy
The peaches and cream marshmallows are my favorite by far and I can't wait to grab a few boxes of jars this weekend to package them up. They're so pretty two toned and taste a little like peach-o's but with less of the chemical aftertaste. I also made a salted caramel moonshine marshmallow with sorghum syrup which I didn't love, but everyone else did. WI3J6771 So, anyways, I am putting together all of my little marshmallow recipes to share once I have a good dozen and will make them available via this space in a week or so. :) Back to hand sanding. Story of my life. xo, Beca

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


While yall were doing election things tonight, we were working and glancing at the news ever so often to see what was happening. I've never cared much for politics, I hate talking about them - I know what I believe in and how I plan to live my life and no one man will make a difference in that, so I pretty much stay out of it. Anyways, this space has been quiet, but we've never been busier. And next week, some things will be changing here, all for the better. Here's a photo of our living room right now. We need a bigger space to work!
We made some cheese during our little break tonight, that was fun and I am kind of obsessed now. I'll share it tomorrow if I have time. I also have another holiday gift guide coming up Friday! Another wholesale order shipping tomorrow, and this big old one shipping Thursday. It's all happening right now and we couldn't be happier. 

Have a good wednesday!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Red Velvet + White Lace

Today was an antisocial kind of day where I just wanted to be in my own head and in the kitchen. I guess we all have days like that. I have been wanting cake for a while, but haven't had time to make one, and since I needed to take a few hours off work, I made a little red velvet lace cake. Nothing fancy, just simple and sweet on this weird afternoon. 
I have a feeling my night will be spent in my hobbit hole workshop finishing up some big orders, listening to Loretta Lynn and eating cake. Not bad for a Saturday night.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide for Dads and Dudes

I am a born gift giver. I love giving gifts and I love the holidays because it is just another reason to give gifts. Also, I love supporting handmade and small businesses, as you know. So for the next month, I am going to try to do one of these a week. Enjoy!
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