Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Few Confections

I have been making desserts a long time. Mostly in moderately priced standard bakeries, which include a lot of boring things like bars and cookies and traditional cakes - of and that one time I worked in a Jewish bakery and made more hamantaschen than I like to admit. I snooze while I do those kinds of things, but when ever I get a chance to make something special, I revel in it. With a bakery in the works, it's fun to look back at the (sometimes embarrassing) confections of past. I always see the worst, but it doesn't mean I don't love them all. And I won't lie, my favorite cake of all time was the grave digger cake. That one was a blast, and made our nephews day!
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  1. My goodness, if I didn't have a hankering from something delicious and sweet before I clicked your post, I definitely do now!!

    Gorgeous work.

  2. all looks so YUM! :)

  3. you made these, beca? they look amazing!! you do beautiful work.

    1. thanks chantilly. I have thousands of photos of things I've made, so its hard to share just a few, but look for more to come. xxo

  4. Everything looks so yummy and pretty!! I look forward to seeing more posts about baked goods. :)

  5. Oh man, that first cake is hands down the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. It's gorgeous, it could be a wedding cake but way better than the stuffy looking traditional wedding cakes.

  6. You are an AMAZING baker, and if we lived closer to each other, I would definitely be fat(ter) and happy!

  7. So delicious looking. So pretty.

    You have many talents!!

  8. These look awesome! And the Grave Digger cake is pretty cool. I saw him at a monster truck rally that I went to down in Jacksonville, Fl a few years ago. Talk about a fun time.

    A bakery in the works? ohhhhh!

  9. Man, I miss your macarons. Best desserts ever! .. Hey, remember all of those penis cakes you used to make? ;)