Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ollie in the Water

Little baby made his way into the water, with some help from mama. It was his first time in the water (not his first time at the beach) and he was a little confused, but was super brave and kind of ran right into it. Then ran back out, over and over again.

Also, these dudes said Ollie was the scariest looking dog they had ever seen, but that he was actually nice and he did really good with lots of dogs running up to him. I was proud! I don't know if the video is showing up, but if it did, please excuse my annoying laugh and baby talk.

I have tomorrow off and may get to share some really really exciting news and some new sunglasses with you.



  1. awww! Good job Ollie! None of my 3 pooches are water lovers. I wish they were... but they have just never taken to it!

  2. high five, ollie! and you are not scary... you have a face i could squish all day.


  3. Ollie looks like he is totally smiling! Haha. I love that! I want to paint him.

  4. you should, carla! he smiles all day long!