Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Day in my Four Legged Life // Vol. 3

Hi! I’m Penny and my mom is Stina from Honewild. At least, I think that’s my name. Mom also calls me Pie, Noodles, The Crazy, Pennerson… I hear people say I might be a Min Pin, Pug, Dachshund or Chihuahua cross. Mom explains to strangers that I am a “Rescue” and Dad tells them “It’s a Dog.” They also call me a sausage, bat ears and little brown dog. I think I might be having an identity crisis.

Anyhow, I’m here to tell you all about my exciting day a few weeks ago! I got lots of yummy food from everyone. It all started at Dad’s parents house on Sunday night. I always get good treats there. I stood below the big guy and yummy things fell from the sky.
The next day I didn’t want to get up. Mom said I had a “turkey hangover.” She flashed a bright light at me when I was cozy in my kennel and then after asking me to get up a few times she dragged me out. Brrr.
After going outside to go potty and eating breakfast we went upstairs to Grandma’s. Josie and I got more treats and I rolled around on the carpet, showing off.
Then we went downstairs and I napped in my favourite bed under the coffee table (I am hidden! No-one can see me! It’s great!) until mom put Josie and I in the big crate and went away. I jumped into the middle of the bed and curled up before Josie could She didn’t notice at first cause she stood at the front barking and crooning like she always does when Mom goes away. Then she came and slept in the bed too and it was cozy. I like being cozy. Then I fell asleep.
Mom came home and then Dad did and I snuggled with him on the couch while he killed zombies on the TV. Those shows aren’t very exciting, there are no dogs or anything, so I napped some more.
Then some people came over and I could smell lots of food smells and I got really excited. All four of us went upstairs again but Dad had us on leashes cause he says we can’t jump on Great Grandma cause it will hurt her. This made it a lot harder to find out where the smells were coming from or to get anything that might fall from the sky in the kitchen.
Finally after all the people ate and had talked a lot we went downstairs and Mom made our dinner. Then she put it down and made us wait until she said “break.” This is very hard and I shake because I am so excited about dinner but I waited until she said it and then I ran to my dish and ate as fast as possible. I beat Josie cause she eats really slowly and I tried to eat the food she bumped out of her dish but mom told me not to. There are lots of things I’m not supposed to do but it’s hard to remember them all, especially when I’m excited.

After dinner and going outside I was really tired from being so excited about people and food and new smells so I went back to my favourite bed and napped until bedtime. Then mom kissed me goodnight and put me in my crate. I wonder what we will do tomorrow? I hope there is more food.

Licks & tailwags,


  1. Cute! If Tank talked it'd be like "Doo da doo da doo da doo HEY SHINY doo da doo da doo CHASE THE KITTY snore snore snore snore snore snore snore snore snore snore snore snore"

  2. Love these posts! This one was ultra cute.

  3. Yaaayyyy! I know Penny in real life and she is so, so sweet! A huge goofball and quite food-motivated, that girl is. ;o) Between her and Josie, the antics are quite crazy. I love this dog!

  4. Thanks everyone, glad you enjoyed :) She's a pretty funny little mutt.
    Thanks for having her, Beca!