Thursday, December 8, 2011

Busy Bees

We have been kicking ass and taking names. I swear, I never expected such an amazing response to our sunglasses for the holidays. I was hoping for 2 or 3 orders a day, but we're booked solid. I had to cancel our booth at a holiday bazaar in Alpine and have pretty much gone into what Doug calls hibernation. Black leggings, grey sweatshirt and warm boots. I have to get back to work, but wanted to share a little from my last few weeks.
1. One of my last days at the shop. 2. Monster is a spoiled brat. 3. Sunglasses 4. New shoes 5. Ollie

Our shop is closed now and we have so much to do to get ready for the move. We put our deposit down for our new house today and are busting our sunglasses like no other. You only have 3 more days to get your orders placed for Christmas.

How is your holiday season so far?



  1. look at you all sassy and hot in that dress!! also, where did those shoes come from and when do we get to see pictures of the house!!

  2. Thanks dizzie I'll email you a photo of the house!

  3. Also, they're minnetonkas and I got them on eBay. :)

  4. look at that hottie in the doorway! i like your dress.

    i love it when pups want to be lap dogs :) kona is 80-some pounds but still wants to lay on my lap and i just love it!

    don't tell monster, but i think ollie might be my favorite ;) i just can't get enough of his freckles!