Monday, December 5, 2011

Today, oh Today

Today was hard. It was exhausting; mentally straining. I had an appointment set up this morning for an estate buyer to come make a bid on the contents of our store. It just wouldn't be realistic for us to pack up an entire shop and truck it to Tennessee, nor would it be a good value of our time to try and sell it all piece by piece before we left. We have so many orders to fill that our time needs to be spend carefully, and after a really unsuccessful sidewalk sale on Saturday, i made the tough decision to sell out. Buy out. Whatever you call it.

It broke my heart, every single piece they packed into boxes and loaded onto the truck. I wasn't really ready for it to all happen so fast and I know some things that we would have liked to keep were taken away, but it's all stuff and if it doesn't fit in the van, it's not coming with us. That's the truth of it.

I feel relieved and I feel sad. I think the things we sold are worth a lot more than what we got for them, but you have to take a hit because 1. you are selling the lot and 2. they are doing all the work for you. At the end of the day, I feel good about it and I am happy we can focus our energy on the sunglasses and packing up the house for the rest of the month. Countdown has started, we are moving in 27 days.

Doug took a quick little video on our new camera using the same method as the photos in my last post. The light leaks and color temp make it look like film also. I'm pretty in love.

Shawn came out to SD today and is staying the week to help out with orders and keep us sane. We are thankful.



  1. aw, i know it's hard to see all of those treasure being packed up and moved out, because they were a part of your life in SD, but you know that just means you're one step closer to being in TN! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. awww i know how you feel, when i moved country(after 10years of living in the same town) i could simply not keep everything.i sold what i could and gave the rest to a local charity shop(im pretty sure i filled up half their store hahah)but it was heartbreaking to get rid of some of it.. but sometimes it feels good to start over ,new place,new things etc.. But i know, even when you know its for the best and good thing are waiting for you ,its always hard to move...
    take care Becca

  3. And here I was, just thinking that your shop was just closed for the holiday season :[ Now I totally regret not visiting your shop sooner. But I look forward to reading about your new adventures in Tennessee!