Thursday, December 8, 2011

Final Holiday Sale

Well folks, this is the last hoo-rah. A kick in the pants of Christmas, for all you late bloomers, busy bees and last minute planners like me. We are offering most of our sunglasses at a discounted price for the next 2 days. When a style is gone, it's gone until after Christmas. We will relist all of our styles after the 25th (since we will be stocking up for the move so we have sunglasses on hand.)

You can get our red and black his & hers set for only $95.
You can get our rainbow patchwork sunglasses for $60. There are 3 listed, so snatch those up before they sell out!
And finally, you can get our coveted Pee Wee sunglasses for $62.00. American Walnut is on sale for these two days also, for $62.00 and the lovely zebra wood is on sale for $60.00. There are also 3 available of the zebra's!

I hope you're not tired of me hyping up our sunglasses! I love them so much, I want to make sure they are available to make anyone's Christmas / holiday season amazing and sweet! Plus, we need all the extra sales we can get for this big move!!!

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