Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wolves and Bears

Technically, I don't even have the time to be writing right now, I shouldn't even be looking at my computer unless it's work related, and I definitely shouldn't be blogging. Wait, did I already say that? Sleep deprivation and stress will do that to you...also, we're a few days behind schedule, and we'll get our orders out as soon as we can. Thanks for being patient. Or impatient, but understanding that the humidity, real life, and back orders are kind of killing us right now!

To make up for the lack of written content, here's some cool stuff to look at. I don't really have any of the sources, so, let me know if you do. These photos kind of describe how I feel right now.

And lastly before I shut down completely and go into machine mode, can I please just say that being a decent human being is a really incredible quality, especially when you make such beautiful treasures. If you're planning on buying just one thing as a gift to yourself, or your friend, mom, friends mom or whatever, to hang on the GD wall, I want to make a suggestion. Here it is.

I will be back on planet earth sometime this weekend. See you soon, friends.



  1. Bam! I hope life slows down so you can catch up. You're such an awesome lady & a hard worker, get some sleep & stop staring at the screen! Thanks for the taxidermy eye candy & you're amazing with that shout out to Danielle! She works so hard & deserves every holler she gets! You both do! <3

  2. Those photos are amazing! Love them. And the crocodile/gator reminded me of your book-club pick :)