Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dad Time

I know I have been ultra absent from this place, and am losing readers like no other, but I promise I'll be back in action later this weekend with photos from painting the shop and the little vacation my dad took out this way, but for right now, we are trying to spend some much needed family time with the pops, get caught up on glasses, and breathe a little easier.

How about a good laugh. Remember when I had a perm. No, you wouldn't because it was before I had this space, but here is a hilarious photo of me and the pup when we first got him. I had an afro, wore misfits shirts and was ALOT skinnier, Ollie could pull me across the room! How about that for a good laugh! ;)
That's all for now. Have a great night and great weekend!



  1. Don't apologize for having a life! It is obvious why you're busy, flesh and bones stores take a lot of work to come together. Just keep moving forward (I will keep reading!)

  2. I loved the perm, and I totally want one!
    Have a blast with the pops and working on the shop. I can not wait to see how it all turns out.

  3. Okay had to comment on this one. I have been reading your blog via Goggle Reader for sometime and am too lazy to click over to actually comment, but this one prompted me.

    If you are losing readers because you have not posted in a few days than you don't need those readers anyways!! Seriously, I have been away for almost 2 weeks, was all caught up before I left and now back going through my have 10 POSTS! Girl, that's plenty!

    Anyways, love your blog, your look, your pups, the sunglasses, of course, and cannot wait to purchase some once I have an extra $50 bucks.


  4. I am so in love with that photo. Words cannot explain. No sarcasm.

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