Sunday, August 28, 2011

Painting the Shop

Everything is definitely chaotic right now. Mostly, in a good way! We are still really busy, but this afternoon I am taking a few hours to get organized and rejuvenate. I DID finally get a chance to upload photos from this weekend and photos of the shop so far. The front of the building is almost completely done, but we need to replace the front glass since it has been tagged/etched, and need to fix up the edges. You are seeing photos of a work in progress!
And here is a a photo of the front of the building. I am kind of in love. We are having our sign hand painted this week and getting the windows covered and start setting up inside!!
The front, if you can't really tell by the photos, is a minty blue/green, with chocolate jams and turquoise door. What do you think?? Do you love it? Any suggestions? I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for our little shop and the progress we are making. Everyday we are getting closer.

I'll be back later with photos from our weekend visit with my Dad.



  1. it's BEAUTIFUL!!!! i loooove that color! i can't wait to see the sign :) i've been meaning to tell you how EXCITED i was over hearing your news!!!! ahhhhhh exciting times for the doug/beca and doggie household. CHEERS to following your dreams and passions <3

  2. Looks great so far and I'm digging the color combo :) Are you getting a sign for the top part or doing the shop name on the window?


  3. LOVE it! It's already looking amazing! I can't wait to see it!!! :)

  4. Amber, we're doing both. We are having a sign painted to hang above the door and window, plus we will be painting on the actual window. :)

  5. great color choices. you're going to have a great shop. congrats!!!

  6. I love the colors you chose for the shop! I am currently thinking of painting my bedroom a new shade and I think I LOVE the color on your shop door...can I have the color/company its made by???
    Please and thanks!

    PS: your perm in the last post really is the best picture I've EVER seen on your blog....very RICHARD SIMMONS!! :)

  7. Lauren, it was aquamarine and I can't remember the company, but I'll find the card for it later.

    That photo was right after I had my perm done, so it was ultra relaxed a bit!

  8. preeettty. also, it might be cheaper to call a glass specialist and they can shave a layer off the glass (making the etching & tags go away) :)

  9. Our friend offered to buy the glass as a gift, and is pretty much insisting on it! Ha! We're not going to say no!

  10. Howdy. So I was in the Museum Of Contemporary Art today and saw your glasses. I write the shopping column/blog for City Beat and wanted to spotlight your I searched Tumbleweeds on the web and this popped up! And I'm sooo excited because besides writing for city beat, I also co-own Blind Lady and I know that shop on Adams!! So please please email me about the shop and I'll write about it asap.

    Yay for you!