Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Everything is Wonderful

As you know, my Dad was in town over the weekend and since I hadn't seen him for almost a year, I was pretty stoked. It's weird, growing up and seeing your parents change. My Dad has changed a lot, and since I have only gotten to spend short bursts of time with him in the last 10 years (ie, dinner every few months) I always cherish the time we do get to spend together.
I am also really lucky that my Dad and Doug get along so well, and our buddy Chris was staying with us for the weekend, and he and my Dad became the best of pals.
We went to the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art where our sunglasses are being sold, but we got there an hour early so they were still closed. :( We peeked int he window and could see the display! It looks awesome. I need to get up there soon to check it out while they still have stock! After leaving La Jolla, we drove up to Del Mar Race Track, and of course, got there 2 hours early for the races. We wandered around and looked at the horses warming up, but got hungry and bored, so we left before the races even started! Ha!
We drove back to Normal Heights, and stopped in to one of my favorite places, Blind Lady Ale House. I'm not joking, if you are in the area, you have to stop by there, the food in incredible. I'm not a beer drinker, or a drinker at all for that matter, but they have Mexican coke in the glass bottles, a cashier/server that looks like Amelie and the best GD pizza I've ever had. My pops and Doug got a pitcher of beer and were stoked on it, so it's good for that too. Duh!
Do we look alike??
After pizza, we went home and chilled out for a minute, and then headed over to the San Diego Zoo. My absolute favorite place in the universe. It seriously makes me so happy to go and see all the little (and big) animals. I've never been much of an animals-in-cages kind of girl, but the SD zoo is number one in animal preservation and the architecture/landscaping/design of the zoo is impeccable. Doug wants to skate everything there, and every time we go, he points out all the rad skate spots. So, SD Zoo, if you're listening, maybe you could have skateboarding day once a year and make my boyfriend very happy. ;)
After seeing planet of the apes recently, I was so excited to see these guys out and about. This little one was so playful, he kept throwing sand at the big silverback. It was hilarious. We walked around the zoo for hours and by the end of the night, we were all ready for an early bedtime. We grabbed a quick dinner at the Red Fox, and said goodnight.

The next morning, we headed down to OB for breakfast at tower two, my favorite spot for breakfast. Of all time! If you come visit me, I promise you, we'll have breakfast there. All of you are invited!! I said goodbye to my Dad after breakfast. It was an awesome little visit. It was so nice to have family in town and do touristy stuff for the day.
These last few days have been ultra exciting/busy/nerve racking. Before I go into too much detail, I can give a little hint as to whats happening in this household. Tumbleweeds Sunglasses will be taking a little trip down the runway of New York Fashion Week!!! NY FASHION WEEK! The clothing designer who asked to use our sunglasses is INCREDIBLE and I can't wait to share!! I will be able to spill all the beans soon, but we need to get everything in the mail and out of our hands before I do that!

Also, for all of you in the San Diego area, we have posted invites for our grand opening event on facebook and would love to know if you can make it. You can also stop by our facebook fan page and say hello. We love new friends, old friends, all kinds of friends. And you can stay updated with all the breaking news. However, we're putting a cover on the window tomorrow and will be hush hush about the insides of our shop until opening. Maybe a few sneaks here and there, ust for you guys!

Anyways, I am running purely on caffeine and two hours of sleep. It's going to be yet another long night, so here's to living the dream! Whats happening in your life? Keep me updated! :)



  1. I AM SO EXCITED!!! :) NY FREAKING fashion week!!!! Holy cow!!! love you and am so excited for the shop to open :)

    That is huge and I am so proud of you guys.
    When you get a picture of your display at the museum, please post it!

  3. Congratulations!!!! HOW FREAKING EXCITING. I am so so soooo happy for you lady!! <3333333

  4. I am pretty sure I love all of you!

  5. GAH I wish I wasn't gone the weekend of your opening! I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU! & fashion week?! Holy cow Beca! This is big! Like, really big! Wowza! I am so happy for you girl! This is just great! Living that dream baby!

  6. That is so awesome! Everything is taking off amazingly for you guys!

    My dad lives in NC (I live in London) and I only get to see him like every two years.
    Lately I have a weird feeling like, maybe, I love... my dad? It is something I have never felt before, but he is growing so much as a person (and I am growing older too of course) and I now love talking to him on the phone and I miss him sometimes.
    It is strange and awesome to watch your relationships change as the years pass.

  7. NY Fashion week, what the what?! You guys rock so hard!! That's awesome!
    Congrats on hiring someone, too! I hope that makes life a bit more manageable for you rockstars ;)

  8. NY FASHION WEEK?!?!? holy shit, beca, that's awesome! i can't wait to find out who this designer is!

    also, i'm glad you got that quality time with your dad :) i always cherish that time with my dad, especially the older we get.