Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Surprise Lunch

I was able to get off work early today and after picking out everything at Whole Foods to surprise Doug with a little lunch date, I realized that I didn't have my wallet. I drove home, got my wallet and there went the surprise...but I ran to Von's right down the street and got everything I had in my basket at WF {same brands, same exact items, but added coffee and creamer, and it cost almost half the cost...hmmm...think on that.} So, I got to make my surprise lunch, but it wasn't so much of a surprise, and was a little later than expected.

I made french bread pizza with baby spinach/arugula, chicken apple sausage, tomatoes from our garden and goat brie. It blew my mind. Oh, and Doug really liked it too! ;)
It seriously couldn't have been a better lunch. Now, back to sewing sunglasses bags and packing up orders! Yesterday was an all time high for our shop and we couldn't be more thrilled! Now to get caught up!!



  1. Seriously, in a non-lesbian way, I would run away to New York with you.

  2. I want this so bad right now. This looks AMAZING!!

  3. such a cute girlfriend, you aren't even mine and i love you <3