Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I Wore // Thursday

I am taking a little break from the internet world tomorrow. See you later, Twitter, facebook, etsy, gmail, blogger, and the rest of the inter-universe.
Got this really nice tank in the mail from Back Stitch Betty and I love it! It is the perfect summer top and I love the lacy racer back!
What I wore
Skirt // F21
Leggings + Shoes // Target
Necklaces // Gifted from Danielle + Gifted from Doug
Sunglasses // Ebony and Ivory from our Shop
Purse // Gifted from Paula via Etsy
Nail Polish // Sally Hanson Cherry Red + Black Out + Gold Rush


  1. cuteeeee last photo of puppy/human feet. & i'm totally diggin the sunglasses.

  2. I never noticed your knuckles before, that's so cute. Mine say "NEVER DIE" (well, on the big knuckles, my baby knuckles have different stuff on them), leftover from my Tiger Army days, haha. It sucks, because my right hand just says "NEVE" and so many people are like "Oh, like Neve Campbell?" Yeah dude, just like Neve Campbell.

    I'm wanting your little boots pretty desperately!

  3. love your outfit posts! :) and yes to that last pic of your guy's feet! ;)

    i hope you had a much needed blog rest but come back soon please? xo

  4. I get "yard sale?" "shake and bake" "Bake safe" and junk like that all the time! haha. I want to get my little knuckles done too!

  5. I love your dogs, they are hilarious.

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