Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Video about Durability

We made a video today about the durability of our sunglasses and we are excited to share it with you.
We get our frames from a wholesaler, to keep consistence and affordability. Sometimes, we get a frame that has a defect and the frames will crack after a few uses. This has happened 2 times out of the 80 pairs we have made, but if it does happen, we will make you a new pair, no questions asked, but after watching this video, we hope you can see how durable the frames are!

We still, of course, suggest keeping them in a hard case when not in use, and please don't throw them against your neighbors garage door! They'll just last longer!

Beca & Doug


  1. haha funny video! the glasses seem solid, but theres no way you could control if some glasses came with a defect. I think as long as that is apart of your return policy, no one would hold that against you!
    If I can't throw them against why neighbors garage door, what else should I use? my phone? now I KNOW thats not durable...

  2. That was awesome! Trying to break something kinda sounds fun, haha. I'm super impressed by how well they did!!

  3. well that settles it, i can now start walking on my tumbleweeds sunglasses without worrying about them breaking!

    you and doug sure are awesome, i hope you know that!

  4. Great idea - I'm sure this answered a lot of questions right there. Tumbleweeds are my next ME purchase - after a bunch of NOT me purchases ;-(

  5. Bahahah this is a hilarious video. Love it.