Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry Preserve

Summertime in this house is all about fresh fruit and berries, and making stuff while listening to good music and drinking juice! This morning, I noticed that I had a ridiculous amount of strawberries aching to be used, so I made jam.
Making jam is the easiest thing to do ever. Lots of berries or fruit of your choice, and enough sugar to make it thicken up. You can adjust the amount as you cook the jam. Cook it until it is thick and bubbly. Use a sterilized jar so mold or other yucky stuff doesn't get caught inside the jar.
Let your jam cool a bit before putting it in the jar. You don't want any broken glass. And don't put it in the refrigerator right away, let it cool on the counter and make you house smell awesome. Once it's rum temp, you can put it in the freezer or fridge. Or just enjoy it on an English muffin like we did!

You won't be disappointing, and it's way cheaper than buying your own jam at the store. I'll share my grandpas recipe for apple butter later this week!



  1. Oh man. This looks incredible.

    I actually just purchased a canner and am so stoked to begin jam makin' when we get settled into the new apartment.

  2. I need to try this, I didn't know it was so easy and I always have strawberries going to waste!

  3. Oh wow, I never thought jam was so easy to make!!! But I would definitely prefer home-made to store bought! Also, I am SO EXCITED to hear about the apple butter recipe. I tried Apple Butter for the first time last year and it is so yummy!

  4. Apple butter sounds like yum! Look forward to the post.

  5. I love Apple Butter so much. I need to figure out a way to veganize it (Probably just use Earth Balance) I can't wait to make some jam!