Monday, May 23, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Pica, Picachu! Hello, I am here!!!
I'm not going to lie, I am ridiculously behind on EVERYTHING, not excluding laundry, shipping stuff for the shop (sorry customers who read this, I put little extras in your package to make up for it!) eating normal meals, cleaning the bathroom, picking up the backyard, emails, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It's not like I am moving in super speed, but I am running around like crazy all day, apparently making Pokemon cakes, and then come home and can't seem to move fast enough. I just want to lay around. But, riding my bike to work, being on my feet all day long (I never take real breaks besides tweet, pee and snack breaks...why would I want to be at work longer than I already am!)

So really, when I come home, I get on the internet and play with photos and watch TV and help Doug with his sunglasses. Sometimes I make dinner, but mostly, we've been eating cheez-its, ramen and Hawaiian Punch for dinner. I told you, I'm not going to lie. But, we have been busy little tumbleweeds making a crazy amount of sunglasses.
Look at this craftsmanship. So clean and made by hand!!
It's been two weeks to the day since we started listing these in the shop, and we are already on no. 11. which is insane to me. I am so glad they are picking up. We love making them and it is a great and affordable way to have customized glasses. And I don't really mind the makeshift studio in our livingroom, as our real studio is piled high with wood!!
I obviously love mine!!! I am still rocking the number ones. The first ones ever made. See, look, that's me at my favorite place wearing my favorite shades.
(No. 11 refers to how many we have sold, not how many we have made. There was about a month of prototyping and experimenting with wood and glue and enamel, and have a basket of the ones that didn't make the cut. Dougie has high standards for his art and these not excluded.)

I don't know if you have noticed, but my real glasses, the ones with my prescription in them are D&G faux-wood frames and I have had them for-ev-errrrrr. (insert The Sandlot-esque voice, please!) Uh...the wood is faux, not the stupid designer label that cost waaay too much but make me really really happy. Anyways, I won't take any credit for Doug's creations, but I do consider myself something like a muse. Something like it.... ;)

On another note, some douchebag hit (and run) our van last night, so this morning, after I had to leave really early for work on the old bike, Doug went out to leave for work and couldn't get the van started. We didn't realize until after he had to call out from work, and discovered the van actually would start on Neutral, that the lovely person taco-ed our front rim and knocked the van so hard that it won't go into park (hence not being able to start it this morning.) Also, the whole front end vibrates when we drive it now. It sucks because the rims are brand new, and really expensive. I know it stupid to be upset because the rim is messed up, but we work hard for everything we have, and we don't have much. The van is important to us. A few months ago, we needed new tires and our friend got rims that didn't fit his impala, so we bought the rims and tires off him. It took three paychecks to pay them off and now, we probably have to get new ones. Our vacation funds are dwindling bill by bill. Bummmers.
BUT, I should be thankful that they didn't damage the actual van and only the rim because that would have made us really sad. Our van just may end up being our home one of these days (at least while we travel) and keeping it in good condition is a high priority for my man.

So, if you want to help us fix our van and replenish our vacation funds, you can use the COUPON CODE "FIXTHEVAN" in our shop for a 10% discount on any and all items, including sunglasses! Oh hell yaah! Only for a week or so, and then it will be June and you can head over to some pages we're sponsoring for coupon codes. ;) More on that later!!

Okay, I am actually going to go make dinner. A little late, but I'm hungry!! Then back to work packaging up treasures and watching cartoons with my number one!

I love you all and feel like I am back in the zone when it comes to blogging and junk.



  1. That Pikachu cake is awesome! I've been eating cheez-its and iced tea for days now. It's a balanced meal!

  2. Thank you Jordan!
    Aren't cheez-its amazing! ;)

  3. but you're so good at pokemon cakes! ;) jk

    and sometimes when there's so much going on, the lovely thing about being an adult is you can eat that stuff for dinner and call it dinner :) right?

    and Doug's creations are BEAUTIFUL!!! truly, flawless and so unique. i had to open husband's glasses and admire them before his birthday (friday) and i was smitten!!! i'm excited that i can wear them too ;) and of course... i love them so much i'm in the process of buying the two toned sunnies for my trip next month to SF! i can't wait!!!!

    love love love <3

    ps. it's also perfect since i live in SUN CITY, el paso so it's such a smart and fancy investment for a girl inbetween jobs at the mo ;) and with the extra savings... GODSEND! and how sweet of you to do this when you guys are having to deal with the consequences of an ass! sorry about that :( car work is SO friggen expensive (i should have been a mechanic!) we spent a ton of $ a few months ago trying to fix mine so i feel your pain! xoxo

  4. i love the new style of glasses! you know that i'm going to have to order a pair soon because they are so dang awesome!

  5. That is such a bummer about your van! Hit-and-runs are so evil. That happened to my boyfriend and I's car last year TWO DAYS after we returned for a week and a half long driving trip. I am just thankful it didn't happen while we were on our trip because I don't even know how I would have coped.