Sunday, May 22, 2011

Echo de la Mode

On Friday, we found some incredible 1960s French fashion and life magazines called Echo de la Mode, for $1 a piece, of course, I can't read a word of French but we have had a lot of fun looking at all the neat photos. I thought you all would like to see some of them too!
Isn't her face incredible! Reminds me of Karen O.
These kids dresses made me die. Absolutely die. I wish I was 5.
And some home decor. If only I had a time machine! And a million bucks!

I hope you are all having a good Sunday. I worked all weekend, so it kind of feels like Wednesday! Two more days until my weekend!



  1. Oh my, what a fabulous find! Super jealous ;)

  2. lucky for you, you have a friend that knows french (that friend being me, of course)! you question it, i'll translate it!

    oh, and that video... HILARIOUS!!!!! i wish i could be owned by a tortoise one day. who knows, maybe one will find me!

  3. I hope so, missy! I hope so!