Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sweet Tart

I am so excited that the owners of the bakery asked me to start making tarts for the weekend. I think they are not only delicious, but so pretty looking and great for spring/summer. I took a few shots of the tarts I made today.
(A shell broke, so I made myself a few mini-tarts)
Fresh berries take the cake!
Do you have a favorite spring and summer sweet treat?



  1. Those are beautiful! I am so picky about textures (sadly) so I can't eat good things like tarts or pie. I've tried so many times, but as soon as that gelatin/ whipped cream texture hits my tongue, I gag :(

    These are very simple and totally random, but they're best in the summer (when these fruits are in season): 1. peaches with chocolate drizzled on top 2. slices of strawberries in bear claw ice cream. YUM!

  2. Oh my god YUMMM!!! I want a box of those! Or 10. 10 boxes.