Wednesday, May 4, 2011

How to be a Winner!

Okay, so not only does that ghoul font make me laugh out loud, I woke up feeling really motivated today. I didn't sleep well, I had nightmares all night, I woke up 100 times. The dogs were on edge, which they always are when Doug is out of town. Ollie just may miss him more than I do. But I doubt it. At least we got to talk for a little bit this moring

SO back to motivation. I finally got out of bed around 8:30 after playing with the dogs and pretending to go back to sleep. I made coffee, watered my tomato, strawberry and rosemary plants, called to have my cable and internet turned back on (oops) and now, here I am, making goals, and working towards winning today!

Here are my goals. I was super inspired by Cal's May Goals and although I am setting some daily goals, and some that extend for the whole month of May.

1. Ship items for the shop! I am quickly learning that although it isn't impossible, it's really hard maintaining a shop while working 6 days a week. I adjusted our shop policies stating that we both work full time and only ship once or twice a week. I usually spend the morning of my day off walking Ollie up to the shipping supply store to get any extra boxes or packing supplies unless I am prepared and have everything at home already. I LOVE packing up items and shipping them out, but it's a full time job in itself. I wish I could hire someone to pack and ship items. That would be awesome, but for now, it's just little old me. Today, I am prepared and don't need to go to the shipping supply store. I have a few items to ship out and will make a trip to the post office this afternoon.

2. Run until I puke! Okay, not really, but kind of. I have been feeling great, 10 days without my poison in a red can. I am in serious need of new running shoes. Any suggestions??? But I've just been wearing old sneakers. And I love running. I want to get back into it. And of course, Ollie loves running too.

3. Cleaning and reorganzing the space in our house We have a lot of stuff and it really, really needs to be reorganized so that we are better utilizing the space in our home. I am going to tear this place apart and once it's beautiful and I have a camera to use again, i will share photos and creative storage ideas, since right now, sitting at my living room table, I see about 100 empty baskets and shelves that aren't being utilized.

4. Don't spend any unnecessary money! This is for the whole week. I am really trying to save money and be more thrifty. Yesterday was an exception because of my friend-date, but the rest of this week, no shopping, no eating out, no gas, no junk food, no online shopping! Nothing! I know it's totally possible to go a week without spending money and I am challenging myself to do it!

1. Get our treasures in a local shop! my buddy Chelsea inspired me to submit our designs to The Make Good in Southpark, which I just sent the email for. I stopped in there with Ainsley yesterday and it is a super cute place. I can totally envision our jewelery and sunglasses in their shop! Wish us luck!! I am also going to submit for consignment at a few other places. I'll let ya'll know how it goes!

2. Save money for trips! We have a few trips we're planning for this summer. I want to start little funds and really work at saving money and working hard so we can take a few little vacations.

3. Get my drivers license back my irresponsibility...err spaciness has caused lots of problems in my life. I know, I'm a grown up and grown ups pay speeding tickets promptly, but I'm a space case. I forget things, I don't follow through with things, I'm kind of a mess sometimes, but really working on being more responsible. At least I am really close to paying off my fine and will be back in the drivers seat asap.

4. Lose 10 pounds! I have already lost 3 pounds since I stopped drinking soda! Get out of town, right? In 10 days, that's pretty monumental! At least, to me! I figure by the end of this month, I would like to be under 170, which would be 10 pounds! Let's do this!

So, I think that's a good mix of goals. I think they're all attainable! Are you setting goals for the month? Share them with me!!
So enough blogging, it's time to take on today!


(ps. Doesn't that creepy doll look like me when I had strawberry blonde hair!! Haha, I love her!)


  1. Love the goals! Good job on making those. My biggest problem is making too many and not following through. That's probably the 1 thing about myself that bugs me the most.

    My biggest goal for this month (as far as my shop goes) is spending as little as I can on supplies. I made a lot of money from sales last month but spent way too much money on supplies, so not as much profit came out of it. live and learn.

    My biggest goal (for real life) is spending as much time as I can with my little sister and my sweet niece. They're moving to Germany on the 18th of this month! Yikes! But I'm so happy that they finally get to be with her husband! (He's done with his deployment this month)

    I'm so glad that you e-mailed Make Good! That's rad- good job! (I know that stuff is scary!)

  2. Yeah, I've noticed that having a small business, figuring out how to not spend your profits is a struggle. last week, I accidentally miscalculated shipping, and ended up losing $2 total, no profit at all. Not even for the item! Ahhg!

    Your stuff looks amazing in the shop btw. I'm swooning over that bow headband.

  3. Good goals! I think I'm better at sticking to things when I write them down, so I should probably do this too.
    Love your graphics! And that doll does look a bit like you before, in a crazy sort of way, haha.

  4. i think you have a great chance of getting your sunglasses and bracelets into that shop because she even said they haven't sold any bangles... and i didn't see any sunglasses! best of luck!!!

  5. Too much on my mind right now! Forgot to comment about getting your stuff in shops - that's rad! Go you! I keep talking about it but haven't done anything :S I'm a better dreamer than do-er. I should try to change that. Anyhow, good luck! Look forward to hearing updates!

  6. I am becoming more and more convinced that giving up sugar would be incredibly beneficial for my health.

  7. haha! i love how you just compared yourself to a creepy doll. and woot! goals! you just inspired me to start writing in my monthly planner which i used to be real good at - setting monthly goals for myself and stuff in it but kind of flaked ALL last month. i can't believe you already lost 3lbs just from not drinking soda!! that's awesome. now i want to drink less beer and eat less sugar. pool time!!

  8. Fantastic goals! I can totally concur on how some of the pounds come off when you give up to soda. The same thing happened with me. Drinking less wine would be helpful for me now and being more faithful with my yoga dangit! Speaking of which...I need to get my butt off of of here and get to it! :)