Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Curiosities Closet Vol 11

Lots of cutes! Lots of stuff for you to swoon over!

I want one! Please!
This pretty deer cupcake. I kind of want to make these.
But with buttercream.
Loving these earth tones oxfords from Goldenponies.
I wish I knew how to quilt, but since I don't and other people do, and do it well, I'll happy with that. This quilt from CarsonToo is so pretty and simple.
This dress that my buddy Sandra designed for her last fashion show. Little, secret, Sandra got that fabric from me right before I moved, and I picked it out with the intentions to make a maxi dress. That obviously never happened, so sandra snagged it up and made three beautiful dresses with it!!
Loving this creative storage shelf!

That's all for now, have a good night!



  1. love the oxfords... wanting to get me a pair!

  2. that storage shelf is too cute!

  3. Love those shoes! I was just reading your comment on my blog and replied. Not sure if you saw it, but I WISH that those photos represented all that I ate today in Seattle. I'm so stuffed! Do you work at a bakery? Those deer cupcakes are super cute. :)

  4. I can't get over how darling that baby armadillo is. Well, I'll be over it in a few hours but for now I am in love with it.

  5. that shelf is amazing! great stuff!