Saturday, April 16, 2011

Story of my

I am going to preface this with the mandatory, I'm sorry I am not a positive and happy blogger lately, or all the time, but this blog is all about my life, which has both bad days and good days. Please read on to see the good in it..because there is good.

Today was another horrible, crappy day. It's like everything just building up and the stress just keeps getting worse. The beautiful cake I worked on for hours yesterday, the 10 layer baby birthday cake. Well, it was impeccable when it left my arms into the customers pick-up truck. I cringed and had a sinking feeling when they drove away to travel 20 minutes on the freeway in 85 degree weather. How could I not have a sinking feeling...of course, we got a phone call later. The cake fell apart. Well, no shit dude, the cake fell apart because you wanted to be cheap and pick it up yourself instead of letting us deliver it. You put it in a pickup truck in the sun and took it to an outdoor barbecue. A ten layer cake that had a buttercream frosting. Not fondant. Specifically not fondant. I can't help what happens to something I put my heart and soul into when the customer decides to make decisions that I wouldn't choose to make. I can tell you that I was absolutely devastated and called Doug crying my eyes out. It didn't matter, there was nothing I could have done differently. Absolutely nothing. But it still makes me really sad and I totally questioned my abilities, for a hot, hot second.
RIP, Piggie cake. You were adorable while in my life.
I would have rather you been eaten and enjoyed than fall apart.
At least my boss knows that it was not my fault. He watched me build up that cake. It has three dowels in it (it was TEN LAYERS!) and he felt the buttercream crust before we handed it off. Hard as a rock, ready to soften naturally to be eaten.

Has anyone else had any cake disasters? Or work related disasters that haunt them?

It also didn't help my day that somebody set the oven to 400 while I was baking 14 loaves of Honeycake for Passover. I caught it too late for them to be saved and had to ditch the whole batch. SO then I started over, made a half batch, and half of them fell. I read this though, about how delicate honeycake is and how it is prone to falling, and felt a lot better. It tasted delicious which was awesome. (Plus, if I flip the cake over, it looks perfect and you can't see where it fell!) I also made these pretty lemon raspberry cupcakes today.
On a brighter note, we've been working on a new project. It is a Wenge wood thin bangle. We're actually making them out of a bunch of different wood, but I only had enough light to take photos of this one. I am pretty in love with them. I would wear 100 at one time. That's me though. I love bracelets!
(My wrist looks totally deformed in that second photo, though. What's up with that?)

We also went to see Insidious tonight. And even though my pal Ainsley gave it very poor reviews via her Twitter, we loved it! It was a total throw back to 1970s occult-cult films with some Japanese styling and pacing, and some modern influence. I was especially taken with the title. It was very Rosemary Baby-esque, or Hell House. Or kind of Norwegian black metal.
The movie definitely had some slow moments, but Japanese Horror inspired pacing usually does. It is supposed to create suspense, but for most American audiences, it's just too slow and culturally doesn't have the same effect. I also appreciated the childlike view on demons and ghosts. It was very much through the eyes of the kid the films story revolved around. I could write for hours about movies, but I won't bore you.

We have plans to go to Santee for the swap meet tomorrow morning so I'm off to bed. I'm glad I have a little corner of the world to spill my guts. Thanks, friends! Tomorrow will be better! Especially since it's my day off!!!



  1. sorry for the cake disaster! i have my own disasters at work, but I do payroll for around 150 people, so when I have a disaster it normally affects someones livlihood... and that tears me up! I try not to make mistakes - but we're all human! chin up... I'm so jealous you get to do something you love for a living! I hate what I do for a living!

  2. awww i am SO SORRY!!! esp. because you knew it would happen and yet even though it was CLEARLY his fault, i hate that you questioned YOUR incredible talent because that you have!!! really. (like i'm loving your new creation!)

    i am so sorry! you know i've had my fair of crazy past few days... but nothing like a movie to forget everything else for awhile :)


  3. aw, beca, i'm so sorry about the cake mishap :( trust me, i've had bad work experiences, too. most of my clients are used car salesman, and if anyone is crooked and wants something for free, it's them. so anyway, i totally understand your frustration, and you certainly can't be blamed because someone else was a dumbass.

    anyway, your bangle is gorgeous, and i'd wear 100 of them at a time, too!

    i hope this week is off to a better start!

  4. Aw! Your cake was SO beautiful! What happened afterwards had nothing to do with you & was their (big!) loss. Unfortunately people are dumb. You did your job and you did it very well!

    LOVE the bangles!! Excited to see more of them - stacks sound great :)


  5. Danielle, thank you. I am still stressing out about work, but trying to remember my favorite motto...I work to live, not live to's just a job.

    Stina, thank you. I appreciate you!

  6. Forgot to mention that I LOVE those cupcakes!!!