Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finally + Spring into Summer

Maybe I just needed a day off. I feel so much better! After long late night talks with my other half, realizing I can't change what is out of my control. A job, no matter how important it seems, is just a job. It pays the bills and allows us to live the life we want. That's all. I know that I am a hard worker and I am good at what I do, but being confident and comfortable isn't as easy. But, I do feel a lot better today.

Anyways, we woke up really early this morning and drove out to Santee for the swap meet. It was so rad. We got a lot of new treasures for our shop.
I feel like there is a theme with the type of items we have been collecting lately. Very spring-woodsy-homey feel. Anyways, I have lots of items to package up and get ready to be shipped. Let's all look forward to a better week than last!

Also, if you haven't checked it out, you should visit Danielle's blog update on her garden that she started recently. I challenged her to start a garden and she totally followed through.
She challenged me to make some new, reusable lunch bags. I swear, I'm not being lazy, I'm just a little overwhelmed with everything right now, plus Doug bought this old metal lunch box for work and isn't in dire need of a lunch bag anymore. Boo. But, I want to make some anyways, because it will be a fun challenge and we can always use more lunch bags for snacks and sandwiches for day trips and travels. I'm going to try to do it on Thursday, my next day off. I'll send over the next Spring into Summer challenge then, too!

The rest of my night will be packing up orders and watching South Park!



  1. Glad to know that you have such a supportive "other half" to remind you of your talents. :) Digging everything you picked up for the shop - especially the red bag!


    All This Grace and Charm

  2. hes pretty incredible. I feel really lucky!
    Isn't that bag rad!!

  3. your taste in picking out treasures is really similar to mine...