Friday, February 11, 2011

Project Restyle - Coffee Table Before

Two for one, yo!
(Enjoying my third cup of coffee this morning, thanks D!)

I guess I got a lot more done in a shorter amount of time than I expected. I still need to do the dishes and remember to eat lunch. My morning was full of productivity. Shipped out everything that I needed to, found this horribly heavy coffee table a few blocks down from our house that I thought would be a lot easier to carry home. It was SO effing heavy! But, we made it home and I am going to strip all this ugly black and gold paint, sand down all the chips and finish it dark.
Ok, I probably won't do most of that, Doug will probably do most of it, but it was my idea, so I'm going to go ahead and take credit for it. I'll post up photos here and in the Project Restyle
Flickr when it is done. Hopefully this weekend! Also, I am going to start using flickr, so if you want to follow my photosteam (is that how it works?) here is the link.
I don't have an after photo yet, obviously, since I just lugged this baby home. I need a nap before work! Just kidding, I have a couple of cake rounds to make. And a boatload of blue butter cream. Hooray!


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