Saturday, February 12, 2011

A List for Listmakers

Good morning!! I woke up with so many ideas pumping through me for our shop. I thin kit's because I just found out I am going to have FOUR DAYS OFF in a row this week. I am definitely getting what I asked for, I have been working like it is nobodies business and it's been exhausting. I haven't been able to put the time and energy into our shop that I would like to. So, I am making a list, and making it public so that I have more pressure to get it all done, and you all can be my cheer squad to help motivate me to be awesome! *wink wink*
1. I want to retake all of the old photos in the shop. I am NOT super happy with the mish-mash of photography.
We have come up with a really pretty place to take photos and since we plan on being here for a while, we'll be able to take consistent photos and make the shop look great. Not that I don't love the old photos, because I do, but I don't like taking the time and energy that it takes to have the infinity background.

2. Business cards!! My dear, sweet man brought home a stack of veneer (very thin wooden strips) for us to cut out and stamp for our business cards. Wooden business cards!!! I purchased a custom designed rubber stamp (that I designed!!) that should be in the mail within the next week or so, so well be making those next week I hope. I will have photos as soon as they are done. I'll also share the process, since it will be a really fun project.
(a small portion of the wood we are going to pretty!)
3. I would like to up the ante on this blog, and really get a consistent design going. I am so appreciative of everyone who frequents this little space! I want to make it easier to navigate and more fluid.
I will not be changing the format of how I write or what I write about, since it is who I am and I will always include my personal life with our shop and our art. It is all the same to me. But design wise. I may also be buying some more ad space for March. We bought ad space for Sometimes Sweet in November, and it was our first time, and Danielle's first month having sponsors, so it didn't do too much for us traffic-wise, but I am up for trying it out again.

Any suggestions on some blogs we should sponsor?

I am also thinking of doing some weekly features incorporating items in our shop with other shops on etsy, or something of that nature. I don't know yet, but I'll work on it. You will start seeing some changes for the better on here soon!

That's it for now, I have some fondant to play with. (Photos to come)
Have a great Saturday and I will probably be adding more to this list after this week!


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