Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sluggo's North with Rae and Travis

Today has been pretty rad so far and I am taking advantage of Doug taking an early evening nap to actually sit down and stop moving. We woke up pretty early, grabbed some coffee and headed south east into Georgia for some serious estate sale shopping. We haven't been junking as much as normal, for no reason in particular, except that it's been go-go-go work-work-work lifestyle lately. However, we made a really solid work plan for the next few weeks, and before we go strong, we thought we would take a day to ourselves and actually leave the house. We visited some awesome estate sales, spent too much money, drove all over Chattanooga and northern Georgia, and all before Lunch. Around lunch time, we hit it back to the city and met up with our pals Rae and Travis at Sluggo's North for lunch.
Sweet baby Jesus, it was good. We were starving, and had planned on getting a burger on the way, but we're late, as usual, so we just hauled ass to get there and eat. The food was incredible, the customer service was incredible. Ashley, one of the owners, had to have been the nicest he could possibly be! Funny story, when Doug was a teenager, he used to go to punk rock shows at Sluggo's in Pensacola. It was a venue, and the owners moved up to Chattanooga and opened up another venue with a 100% vegan cafe. 
I got the lentil burger (I think, or mushroom) patty melt. Whatever it was made of, it was delicious. There is a lot of mustard on it, which I should have known, so next time I'll ask for no mustard, but even that didn't stop picky little me from eating every single bite. And a giant salad was perfect for this semi-hot, windy day in Tennessee. Doug got the BBQ Sub, Rae and Travis both got the Club. I don't know why, but I keep wanting to say that everyone got a BLT. Not true. Subs and clubs. Doug also got the sweet potato mash, and I think I ate half of that too.
And, because it seemed only appropriate, we all got dessert. Coconut cream pie! Coconut cream pie that I can eat!! Coconut cream pie with no milk in it! It was top notch. I ate every single bite of that too. No doubt. And not to mention that our lunch was amazing, we had some pretty awesome lunch dates to share it with. I can be super awkward in real life. Especially because I know all of you think i am hilariously awesome, so I have a lot to live up to (joking.....) But meeting Rae was really rad and maybe it's the southern in them, but there wasn't a single weird quiet moment the entire time. 
Oh snap, did I mention that they have the cutest freaking pugs ever!?!? I have only ever had bad experiences with pugs. Either they are mean, or maybe they could just smell monster the pug hater on me, but these two sweet ladies were too die for sweet.
After lunch, Doug gave Travis a tour of the van, and we attempted to introduce our dogs. I haven't been leaving Ollie at home because of his eye infection, so he just goes everywhere with us, and Charlie the lump tags along too. Ollie, of course, the oaf that he is scared the bujesus out of little Priscilla so he had to go back into the van to sit in the drivers seat and sulk. Charlie, the grumpiest dog alive tried to act tough, but really he just wanted to be cuddled. Here;s proof of our awesome dog-momness.
I like meeting other extreme dog owners. I feel less crazy. Really. Y'all are awesome. On the way home, Doug told Ollie "We're the only parents you'll ever have, so you better stop acting like a butthole so we don't disown you." I laughed until I cried. Did I mention Ollie is being the worst dog ever right now. I don't know what his deal is. I think he has too much energy or something since he doesnt have a big yard to run around in, but he isn't listening, he growled/snapped at Doug last night when they were playing, and has been acting generally like a disgruntled teenager. Life of a dog mom...haha.  

Anyways, I'm going to wake Doug up so we can go meet up with some friends to get dinner. Busy day off. Then back to work tonight. 

How was your weekend so far? Did you do anything totally awesome? Tell me about it!



  1. Looks like such a fun day! I love her pugs, look at their cute faces. :D
    I can totally relate to having a dog with an attitude. Captain's been like that lately too. I guess he thinks since we're home so much now that we should always be going for long walks with him. (no big backyard either) And then he gets all sulky and just sleeps. Ah dogs!

    1. its driving me crazy, he is normally such a well behaved dog, but lately, I have to scream at him to get him to listen and I hate it. I'm sure if I walk him more, he'll get over it. xo.

    2. maybe take him to a fenced off dog park? if you have one near you. Thats what we do and he's pooped when we get home and leaves us alone for hours. :]

  2. Mmmm! That coconut cream pie... /drools. Also, your lunch date sounded AWESOME. And I'm sorry your puppies are actin' up! Our kitties, and Jango (our cockatiel) have their moments. As I say this, though, the kitties are sleeping and Jango is munching on bird seed. ;)

    As for mine and Jen's weekend: I've worked on Doodled Rainbow, a new blog that myself and my friend Kayte own. It's for LGBTQ youth! So fun and my new job! Than I practiced turning on my bike more, and Jen and I did some garden work. Now it's time for cleaning and than dinner! Mmmm!

    Have a great Sunday tomorrow!

  3. Soooo much fuzzy cuteness!!! I die. SO cute.
    p.s. I think I fall under the "extreme dog owner" category. I may or may not refer to myself as Mom in my dog's presence. ...and my dog may or may not sleep in bed with me. ...every single night since I rescued her!

  4. yessss i'm so happy we met up! i'm usually super awkward too and i can't believe we didn't have any weird silences! i guess it was just meant to be. definitely the best part of our day, atlanta is so lame! we drove around trying to find something fun to do all night and just ended up back at the hotel. la quinta sure is a dog party! i bet we've seen 10!
    travis wants me to remind you that you totally have a couch bed to stay on when you guys come up to nashville. so yeah, it was great to meet you! and dang that lunch was good. we talked about it the rest of the day!

    1. oh, and i love how unimpressed all our dogs look in the bottom picture.

  5. Delicious vegan food AND pugs?! I need to go there.

  6. Sluggo's is the best! *drools*

    - Amy

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