Friday, April 20, 2012

Skunkboy Portrait

I am so so excited to finally get to share this surprise. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to paint a portrait of my sweet friend Katie for her blog redesign, and it feels amazing to see it come to fruition. 
Katie and co. did some tweaking to the original painting and I love how it came out. It is simple and sweet and of course, Katie's most recognizable feature, that head full of great hair, is the first thing you see.
I'm super proud! If you are interested in a portrait, you can always email me{at}gmail{dot}com. I only paint for trade, and would love more opportunities to paint commissioned work. So, you should jump on over to Katie's blog and take a peek. The whole redesign is amazing!!



  1. I love the painting - it was the first thing I noticed when I saw her new blog design and I was instantly envious!

  2. It looks amazing, I just adore the portrait!


  3. I love it! You're just amazing!

  4. so insanely good beca! I saw it this morning and was blown away. you are one multi talented lady!

  5. Ya, that's super-rad. Love the simplicity of it - no features or anything but still recognizable. Really nicely done. I'd love to see the original 'untweaked' version.