Monday, April 23, 2012

Crab Tree Farms Earth Day Plant Sale

On Saturday morning we made our way over to Crab Tree Farms annual spring plant sale to pick up some new vegetable plants and mostly to get out of the house for a few hours before we came back to work. I'm so glad we did because not only did we pick up some of the most amazing plants, we got to support a local organization doing really rad stuff! Beats shopping for plants at home depot any day of the week.
I also got to see for the first time ever, a mushroom farm. I didn't even know such a thing existed, but it does and it was really neat. It had just been harvested, so there weren't any mushrooms growing, but the setup is super neat and I would love to do this on our property since it's so damp and dark up the mountain.
Our haul included 2 tobacco plants, three different species of tomato (we're up to 11 now in the garden) a raspberry bush, a pickling cucumber plant, a tomatillo, and a summer squash. I wanted to get get some chcolate mint herb, but my pal Melanie has a bunch of sprouts so we'll get some from her instead.
Have you done any planting/gardening yet?  



  1. UCR {University of California, Riverside} holds a couple semi annual plant sales at their botanical gardens & I love buying from them, or our local nursery way better than any "depot." It looks like you got a great haul! Have fun gardening! <3

  2. I could spend all day at that place, absolutely lovely! I'm glad you got tomatillo and pickling cucumber plants, two of my very favorite to can!

  3. i did a bunch last year, but once the humidity hit in the summer i pretty much gave up on the yard.

    i have never seen a mushroom farm either! i never even really thought that such a place existed.

  4. can i tell you a little secret? when i first saw the title i instinctively read "crab tree falls) and thought "OH MY GOSH BECA IS NEAR ME!!!!!" but then i realized it said farms and not falls which means you're more than one hours away from me ;)

    i love buying plants, any plants, because it means you get to watch them grow and enjoy their fruits! i like going to the farmer's market because there are sellers with everything from succulents, to shrubs, to veggies, ad everything in between. plus, you're right, it always feels better to support a small time local person than a huge nationwide chain.

  5. That mushroom farm is AWESOME!! What a great way to spend earth day. I want to buy a bunch of tomato plants (I have a problem... every time I grow cherry tomatoes I'm never able to bring them inside because I eat them all off the vine as soon as they're ripe enough, ha. They're just so delicious when they're warm from the sun!) and I'd love to grow some spinach and maybe kale. And lots of herbs, of course!