Monday, March 5, 2012

A Day in my Four Legged Life // Vol. 4

I am so super excited for this edition of A Day in my Four Legged Life! My dear, sweet friend Crystal is here with her little (big) pup Emmett and a day in his awesome four legged life!
8:00am: Wakey wakey, little pup! The alarm goes off and it's time to wake Emmett up from his bed on the floor next to ours. Most mornings, he takes after us and would rather lay around a little longer than he's allowed too. Time to get ready to go to work little guy!
9:00am: Fed and walked, it's time to get in to the car for the drive to work. Such a lucky little puppy that he gets to come hang out at work all day!
10:00am: Arrive at Etsy's Hudson office and grab a sip of water before greeting all of his best friends.
11:00am: The best moment of Emmett's day: when his best buddy Vegas arrives to work! For the next solid 15-20 minutes they chase each other around the office until they are at the point where they might hurl up their breakfast.
12:00pm: After giving them a break to cool down, it's back to play time with Vegas!
1:00pm: Lunch time in the crate, so the doggies who aren't eating lunch can't snag some of Emmett's food.
2:00pm: Another dog to meet! Satchel and Emmett meet for the first time. Satchel is an elder statesman of a dog, and is a little put off by Emmett's boundless puppy energy.
3:00pm: After a day full of playing, Emmett finally decides it's time to grab a quick snooze, but before long he and Vegas a re back to chasing each other around.
4:00pm: You can tell when Emmett is really tired because he needs to sit in Mommy's lap for a nap.
5:00pm: Lounging on the office dog bed, waiting for quitting time.

6:00pm: After bidding adieu to his buddies, it's back in the car for the drive home (sorry, forgot to take a photo!)
7:00pm: Home in time for dinner, yum!
8:00pm: A long day of playing at work takes it's toll on a little pup.
9:00pm: Oppp...still sleeping. And leaving a little drool on the couch...
10:00pm: Wake up buddy, time to take a walk and go to bed so that you can start it all over again tomorrow!

What a sweet pup, and he has such a lucky little life! Thanks for sharing Crystal and Emmett! If you are interested in sharing a day in your four legged life, email us at{at}gmail{dot}com!



  1. such a sweet little dude. how lucky to get to bring your dog to work!

  2. I love these posts! This one was great. I am super jealous you get to bring your pup to work. That sounds like so much fun.

  3. I LOVE IT!!! So glad he has a great home just like all his sisters and brothers. Thanx

  4. Aww... Is he a purebred? He reminds me of my dog Mahjong, who's part pug part jack russell. I love these little guys!

    1. Hi Melissa, he's an English Bulldog / Pug mix! :)

  5. What a cutie! That would be so fun to take my puppy to work! He might be just a little too hyper though...
    xo Heather

  6. aw he's so cute!

    i want a dog so bad but my Mr says that 3 cats, 2 rabbits and a guinea pig are enough pets :*(

    1. there is no such thing as too many pets!