Friday, February 17, 2012

The End of the Road to Nowhere

We live in Dixie County, Florida. And one thing Dixie County is known for is drug smuggling in the 60s and 70s. The Road to Nowhere is a paved, yes you heard me say it, paved road that goes to absolutely nowhere. It just ends. It goes across the bridge where we crab to endless salt flats and marshes. Rumor has it the roads were paved in the seventies so that smugglers had a road to bring drugs into the county.
Nowadays the road is used for hunting, crabbing, shooting and drag racing...and adventuring!! We drove down to the end the other day with our .22 to go shooting and romping in the muck. It's so quiet out on the flats; eerie. We set up some broken beer bottles and other little targets to shoot at. We weren't the firsts as there were shotgun shells and casings scattered at our feet.
The air out on the flats is different than anywhere else in the swamp. It's open and empty. Every time the tall grass rustles you never know what it could be. We saw a bobcat this time. Only for a flash.
Out here, where we don't have a movie theater, or a shopping mall, you find that the world gives you just about a million ways to entertain yourself. What do you do when your away from town, or an escape from your city life?



  1. Why are you so awesome? I decided I want to be your friend. haha

  2. Oh, wow! First of all, this is awesome! But second of all, I would have never guessed you were in Florida! You're only a few hours away from me it looks like - I'm down in Tampa. Where you live just looks so different from here! But then again, I'm by a bunch of tourist beaches.
    When I'm away from city life though, I love to paint :)
    xo Heather

    1. Every part of Florida is so different from the other, I love it!

  3. my husband is looking over my shoulder crying a river because he wants a gun so bad. I keep talking about us taking a vacation somewhere where i have no choice but to unplug for a week and just be out in nature.

    1. I never know how people will react to my household/family opinions of guns, so I was hesitant to share this, but they are so normal to us, even in arizona. It wasnt until we moved to san diego did I realize that a lot of people think its weird that we have guns.
      come to steinhatchee for a vacation, its pretty cut off from the world out here.

  4. I wish that uptight southern new england was way more into shooting at things with guns. It's not totally unthinkable, there is at least one gun shop a couple miles from my house, acouple good shooting clubs and the urban Providence area turns into what we call "Rhode Islandtucky" pretty quickly but I feel like unofficial target practice is still shunned. We have a pretty robust population of yuppies who think of learning gun safety as being akin to drowning a sack full of kittens or sending your children to public school.

    1. ahaha. I'm glad that I live where I do. everyone has guns. everyone goes shooting. most people shoot at animals, we just shoot at beer bottles. im not so interested in shooting animals.
      Y'all is what we call Yankees down here. ;)