Monday, January 30, 2012

Handmade Bowie Knife

+ D O U G ' S H A N D M A D E B O W I E K N I F E +
Despite common belief, we don't just make sunglasses, although sunglasses take up so much of our time that we don't really have much free time to work on new projects. However, when we went to the ace hardware this morning, I talked Doug into getting a blank blade to start building a handle around, since most of the work needed to be done today was my work. I got busy, and Doug started digging through our wood pile to find a good piece of cedar to use. It's hard to believe that the knife started as just a and became something so incredible.
The handle started out looking like this gnarly piece above, and as I passed in and out of our sun room working on frames and packing up orders, and what looked like nothing, started slowing turning into something.
Doug is insanely creative and within a good hour, the handle was already taking shape and looking all kinds of beautiful. I took some photos of the final product. What a sight to behold. And of course, our house smelled like little bunnies all day because of the cedar.
My friend Danielle sent me those pretty beads a long time ago, and I have been saving them for something really special, and this knife is really, really special. I feel like this is something that we can keep forever.
I spent all day today working in the shop, puppy-sitting and doing taxes (ahhhh) and all three of those things give me something to share. First of all, despite anything that I have written that seems like I am down on working right now, I love what we do. I love the final product and I love our company and the business morals we stand by. I am not so great at communicating with customers, but you have to remember, I get a dozen emails a day about our shop, if not more, so I am getting a lot of practice.

Secondly, having a puppy around a few days a week (we watched Kaida aka poptart while Mo was at work today) is really fun but it makes me appreciate my dogs so much. For example, today Ollie was running around the front yard, we still don't have a fence and up runs these gnarly big dogs, and Ollie was a perfect gentleman. He listened, and ran inside, and he didn't mess with the other dogs. I was beaming with pride. After the incident with, Kaida, the first day we had her, I have been a little worried about Ollie. He's a good boy, but i want to be able to trust him.

And third, doing your own taxes when you own your own business is insane and I am glad that they are done, but I am exhausted. Totally and completely exhausted!

It's past midnight and we are actually going to bed early tonight (er, earlier than normal) so have a good Monday night! I should be back with part one of our home tour tomorrow! The Florida room aka my front porch aka my favorite place in our house!)



  1. beautiful knife! that is incredible!

  2. That is stunning!! I can't believe he made that in one afternoon. Crazy cool!

    1. I couldn't believe it either, hes done some more work on it, put more coats on it and some stamping on the sheath, it looks even better now...

  3. i can't believe something so beautiful came out of that old piece of wood! amazing!

    1. Doug was in the most shock, it was just a side project and it really did come out so nice. we're hyped.

  4. wow. i know i don't have to tell you this, but doug is so talented. seriously. i love that you used the teeth beads, but you know what i love even more? if you and doug decide to put me in a bath of ice cubes and cut out my one good kidney to sell on the black market, or throw on the grill - whatever - that knife looks so clean and sharp i bet i won't feel a thing! i need to stop watching movies. anyway, nice job, doug!

  5. LOVE your new blog look!!! And that knife is amazing, Doug is awesome!

    1. thanks! Yeah, I know, he's pretty rad. hehe!

  6. wow that is beautiful work i want one! lol

  7. wow! really beautiful! my mister loves knifes and has quite the lovely collection. He would just love this!
    Thanks for sharing =)

  8. i'm wondering if it'll be annoying if i comment on every post "please sell knives" or knife handles rather. seriously that's gorgeous.

  9. WOAH. Holy hell! I'm a sucker for switchblades... so I absolutely appreciate handmade knife handles! Tell Doug he rocks.