Monday, January 30, 2012

Run for your Life

+ M O T I V A T E +
I've kind of been crazy for getting healthy lately. Not in a "I only eat green food and run 100 miles a day" kind of way, but in a Weight Watchers (I lost 6 pounds!) and getting out and romping through the woods kind of way. And I am not going to lie, if I could wear my rain boots every where, I would, but it just isn't practical. Especially for bike riding and dog walking and the like. I've been spending a lot of time perusing the internet for women's athletic shoes that are great for running and I though I would share them with y'all because I know I am not the only one who needs to be smarter about running shoes.

Puma Geselle Stud Shoes
Keds Champion Wooly Sneakers
Nike Air Pegasus Trail Sneakers

I have so many favorites, but I could die a happy lady if I had those three shoes. And maybe I would be more inclined to run, walk and bike rather then trench through the swamp if I had a more diverse selection!!

What shoes do you use for working out? Why do you love them?



  1. I have a pair of nikes that I really like..I don't know that they are good for running but they work for whatever workout routine I choose to do. Good luck...I'm in the same boat ( i think a lot of us are...or I like to think so at least) :) -Lo

  2. I'm a Brooks Adrenaline girl myself {they're great for my flat feet and they have a trail version too!}, but I love the looks of those Nike Air Pegasus! Great colors! your blog is gorgeous, Beca--so happy to have stumbled here! xoxo {av}

  3. first let me preface this with these quick facts: I run roughly 50miles a week; i ran cross-country all through HS; annnd I worked at a running store for several years in college. (Geeky running shoe talk commences NOW)
    PLEASE GET REAL RUNNING SHOES!! By this I mean, go to a store and find out your foot strike. buy shoes intended ONLY for running. You are most likely a pronator, meaning your arch rolls inward slightly, as like 70%of people pronate. And you seem tall, so I would go for a shoe with arch support anyway.
    I live in Mizunos, but Brooks (as aforementioned) are popular too. Especially the adrenaline. Asics are popular too. I personally get the Mizuno wave rider, size 7, without every trying it on. I'm probably on pair 150 by now.
    Don't get Nikes, they really are just a fashion brand. Good lord the people who would come in wanting Nikes, then come back back complaining of shin splints. However, if you're dead set on Nike, the Pegasus was my shoe when i ran XC.
    (Geek out done).

    1. Whoa, you are a running Shoe guru!!! Thanks for all of your amazing advice. I really know nothing about running or shoes, as you can see by my glitter shoe pick, but I'm glad there are people out there pointing me in the right direction. Eep! Thanks!

  4. i need to get some real shoes. i like to do the sweatin to the oldies dvds (SO FUN FOR REAL) and i just wear my vans silp ons or old old old converse. terrible.

    1. im the same way, slip-ons, rain boots or moccasins.

  5. oh my gosh, i went to the site and saw that they have the reebok zigfly shoes for only $69! i've been wanting to test drive a pair of those because to see what they feel like just because they look so cool!