Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Real McCoy

Today is Thursday. Thanksgiving. We took Miss Molly to the train station this morning, ran out of gas on the way home (thankfully there was a gas station about 5 blocks up, but my poor feet got destroyed by my new metallic pink mocs) came home and Doug left to do that thing he does on every holiday where businesses are closed; skateboard - and I put my pjs back on and got to work. I'm not real big on Thanksgiving, mostly because I don't like turkey, I feel super awkward in group settings and you know, Indians. I love Christmas and every other Holiday, but for some reason, Thanksgiving has never been a huge deal to me. So, work and then we'll make some steaks and watch a movie. All is well.
I spent all morning taking some photos for the shop, mostly of new products I received in the mail from some of our consignees, and a few sunglasses photos, just for practice. I am working on taking interesting product photos, and I enjoy it, but I am not nearly as good as Doug, and that drives me crazy...

I broke the last needle for my sewing machine and that means that I have to venure out into the world tomorrow at some point, brave the crowds, and get a replacement because we have about 8000 bags to make...Also, does anyone else wonder why dogs get themselves in what seems like the most uncomfortable positions possible, usually laying on something that isn't supposed to be laid on. I wonder that, often.
Oh yeah, I'm thankful for everything today. As always. Always thankful. ALSO, whoa, really important, but not important enough to make it's own blog post about. If you want to exchange Christmas/Holiday cards with our little family, email me you address. Mine are going out on Monday, so you better get to it. :)

Don't forget to check out the amazing Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals going on in our shop this weekend.



  1. You know what I'm thankful for?? The extreme coolness of those round wayfarers you've got goin on here!! I hear ya on the turkey too, overrated.
    toni xo

  2. Heck yes! All these look so amazing.

  3. Kelly and I keep getting compliments on our shades! we love them mucho mucho! also i blogged a pic on instagram fun ( todays post) anyway THANK YOU

  4. Your product photos are amazing! Love the top one with the moth.

  5. Thanks Brandi, and thanks Brandy! :)

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