Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Problem with a Solution

I have this problem. I buy things in multiples. Like, I have more Christmas ornaments than I know what to do with, and even if we got a 100 foot tree, I would still have ornaments left over. It's stupid, but it's true.
And yesterday, I was at the shop, tidying up and rearranging things, and I noticed how bare our window looked, and I wanted to hang something festive to go with the pretty lights I just hung up. Well, I have lots of ornaments, lots of yarn, and this is what I made. I haven't hung it up in the shop window yet, but I know it will be pretty. Here is what you need to make this at home.
And here are some simple steps and maybe you can vamp it up to your own style. I kept ours simple so that you can still look in the window to see all the treasures in the shop. I know it's not rocket science, so if you get it, just skip this, if not, I hope this helps you make a pretty garland of your own.
And take those steps and repeat as many times as you seem fit. And cool, now you have something that like like fove minutes to make and looks super pretty for the holidays. Is it Christmas yet?
We're taking a break from today and going to the zoo. I need to get out of the house and we haven't been in a long while.

OH yeah, I wanted to also post on here, we have new holiday hours!
MON-WED: Appointment Only
SATURDAY: 9am-8pm

I am actually pretty excited to be spending some extra time at the shop. I have a lot of ideas for the holidays and can't wait to get started.



  1. what a fun and festive decoration, and i bet it will look good hanging in windows! aw, you're so lucky, i've always wanted to do window displays. side note, did you know that store require you to have a minimum of a bachelor's degree to do window displays? seriously, i'm pretty sure they don't teach you those classes in school! nuts.

  2. Haha! I have my bfa in window displays....probably more valuable than my bfa in film production. baaah...

  3. i love that! i have tons of glass christmas balls too. i want to make an ornament wreath like betty crafter has been doing. i think i'll make one of these garlands to hang on my mantle!

  4. Rae, send me photos if you make it!!