Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beautiful Mahogany

Gosh. Mahogany is gorgeous. And right now, it's our best seller. I am not surprised. But what really gets me is how different each sheet of mahogany veneer really is, and how many different types of species there are. There is Brazilian Mahogany, Cathedrial Mahogany, Malaysian Mahogany, Figured, quartersawn, crotch, African Mahogany, and I'm pretty sure there is a million other ways to define Mahogany. Below is just two types of Mahogany sheets we have.
The other day, we made three pairs of Mahogany and Maple sunglasses, and each pair was slightly different. I was astounded and every time we make them, I fall a little more in love with them.
I love learning about all of the different kinds of veneer we have in our workshop, and all the different ones we could have. I feel like the eternal student. And, there is still so much more to learn.
For now, I'm going to enjoy some homemade chili and get back to work. Have a great Wednesday night!



  1. all of those glasses are gorgeous! there was a time when my ex boyfriend and i wanted to build guitars, and we were looking for different places to order wood. it was so incredible even how different a piece of wood can look from tree to tree, let alone comparing different species! and it was incredible how many colors and patters and textures that everything came it. wood is beautiful. crazy to think whats inside of a tree is as beautiful as the outside. ♥

  2. i like the little triangles on the sides!

  3. i'm just constantly amazed at the designs and inlays you guys are doing!

    and isn't it always fun being a student when you're learning something you love?!

  4. Eternal student! I love that. I think that being open to change & constantly learning & adapting is a most admirable trait. I also love having friends who create, I feel like they teach me so much in life. These are such beautiful glasses, all in such a unique way! Just like each of us. =)

  5. I second Ainsley's comment - it's the little details that make handmade items so lovely. :)

    Gorgeous glasses as always!