Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Little Bits of This, Little Bits of That

Today has been ultra productive so far, we are really, really busy. Trying to get as caught up as possible before this weekend. We have high hopes and are staying super duper positive that this holiday season will blow our minds. And pay our bills, you know! :)
A little snippet of my ongoing to-do lists. I have multiple lists. That's right.
These are a new style we are introducing to our shop. This is Tobacco Burl.
It is pretty breathtaking. And these round wayfarers are perfection. What do you think?
And this is how we work.

The poor dogs have been so neglected lately, with us being so busy, that they just stomp around the house pouting and whining. I feel so bad, but at least we are home and with them, instead of at some crappy job, right. Well, to spoil them a little we went to the treat buffet at Petco and got them a pound of cookies, crackers and even little teddy grams. They are pretty hyped on it to say the least. Also, funny story, there was a 5 month old Great Dane in line next to the treat buffet, and while his owners were paying their bill, he was helping himself to the treats, and NOBODY NOTICED!!! We just stood back and watched. It was quite possibly the cutest and funniest thing we had ever seen.
Back to work for this lady. I have about a million bags to sew while Doug is finishing a handful of glasses to send out today, then well, you saw my to-do list. Please don't forget to check out the auction going on over on the Dinosaur Toes Blog this week!



  1. that paper is just awesome, and i think you hit the jackpot when you found it. even chris said it was the best paper he'd seen, and it's hard to get a compliment from him!

    the new style sunglasses are so neat; i love the roundness of them!

  2. ha, I'll send you some blanks!