Friday, December 16, 2011

A Day in my Four Legged Life // Vol. 2

Hello! I'm Rae from Say It Ain't So and I'm so excited to share what a day in the life of my pugs is like. If you read my blog (or know me in real life) you know I am an animal lover and love talking about and taking pictures of my pets! I'll let Phyllis and Priscilla take it over from here:

we start our day waking up in our room. don't bother coming in here if its still dark outside. we won't even get up from our bed. after 9 am is ok. first thing, we go out in the yard to do our business, then it's time for breakfast and our supplements!

the cats creep on us and watch us eat. they are so weird. we try to be their friends but they usually just run away.

after our breakfast we help with any chores that need doing. phyllis usually supervises, and priscilla loves to help with the laundry. she will lay on each item after you fold it so that it is really flat! it also insures there is a nice coating of pug hair on everything in the house. so very helpful.

when our people leave for work, we take up our posts on the couch. we take our job of guarding the house very seriously. we assume our loud snoring is what keeps the robbers away. every once in a while we'll get down from the couch if we spot a more comfortable looking place to sleep. but usually we stay put.

if it is still light out when our people get home, and it's between 60 and 75 degrees out, we get to go on a walk! we love it! as soon as our harnesses come out we flip out and bark until we get out the door. we like our neighborhood because we get to meet lots of people and bark at the bikes going by.

after about two blocks phyllis sits down and refuses to go further. it is hard when you only have three legs and you have to hop everywhere!

by the time we're back home, we are both being carried. pricilla has arthritis and bad knees and sometimes a lady needs a little assistance. Then it's time for dinner! make sure you get it to us quick or we might have to howl at you.

then it is time for our favorite part of our day. once our people get home from work they sit on the couch with us for the rest of the night. we nap on and off, rip up our toys, and get wrapped up in blankets until it is time for bed. phyllis prefers to be propped on a pillow, while priscilla likes to be smashed in a tiny space in between two people. it is a hard life we lead.

if you want to see more of phyllis and priscilla you can always check out their tumblr. yes, i am a crazy pug lady. and proud of it.


Another perfect day in the life. If you have a pet's life you want to share, please shoot me an email at

xo, Beca


  1. HAHAHA I love them. Tank is also a late sleeper and very helpful at snore-guarding the house.

  2. What a bunch of cuties, I want to squeeze them both. My boston is always trying to make friends with my MIL's cat but she wants nothing to do with him either. Pets are the best!

  3. Those sweet girls! I love the laundry shot! :) My kitties are in charge of laundry too which usually means, I wash it and they lay on it so long that it's deemed unclean and then it's vacuumed and washed again.