Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Verbal Jigsaw Puzzle

It's crazy how after a long talk with a good friend, I am realizing that if I want to make all of this, all of this, work, then I need a bit more structure in my life. A schedule. A plan. A means to an end. No, not that kind of end, just an end of the month, end of the week, end of the day. I seem to go on and on, and when I get burnt out, it means I have to put the brakes on everything because I just can't function.

This recent change in the payroll department has thrown me for a bit of a loop. You all know, I hated that job. Not what I did, but where I was and who I was around. The negativity tangled the lattices of my pies and deflated the whipping cream on the strawberry short cake. My ego was bruised and my self confidence was trampled. It really did force me into this spiral of depression. My whole week was centered around the three days that I had to go into that kitchen. I felt this brick on my shoulders, chip, anvil, whatever you want to call it. The last week, I have been sad. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed out and just plain sad. BUT, good news people. I am kicking it back into gear. We have been planning and planning for the past week or so some new projects. I haven't been this excited about the future, well, ever.

I still can't believe it has been one month, exactly since we opened the doors to the Odd Shop. I'll tell you this. Opening up a storefront has been so incredibly stressful for us. Every penny we make goes towards bills, rent, supplies, etc. We sometimes only make a few dollars a day, and although I don't care very much about money, it is crucial to us keeping our head above water.

I can't wait to get the kinks worked out on all these little projects coming up, but I will tell you, it will involve me doing a lot more baking, planing a cross country road trip, opening up the shop for classes, sewing, video (!!!) and lots more. Since I have about a million things to share, I am going to break it down to a small list. Lists are good.

1 // I discovered my sewing machine has no problem sewing leather.
2 // Rediscovering my love of shooting video
3 // A regular customer from the bakery called me tonight and informed me that he told the owners that he will no longer be coming into their bakery and asked me to start making cookies for him and his wife on a regular basis. That made my whole week.
4 // Writers block is slowly exiting the room. I feel like all I have been sharing is shop stuff and boring photos.
5 // Working on some ridiculous DIYs / recipe tutorials. Back in the game, y'all.
6 // I love not having a TV. I miss it sometimes, but really, it has changed our whole life.
7 // I sat with Doug tonight eating nachos for dinner just looking at our shop. It's so beautiful. Every inch of it.
8 // We are taking our I'm a Giant dollhouse to another level. I can't even whisper what we're doing, but you'll see it soon. :)
9 // I went on a shopping/eating/hanging out excursion with a new friend and it was really fun. We spent way too much time in anthropologie, and I was way too stoked to see that they are now carrying product from one of my favorite etsy shops. Peg & Awl.
10 // Doug and I have been watching a lot of late late late night movies when we should be sleeping. That makes me super happy.

SO, now that I am not a depressed lump, what's going on with you!?!?!



  1. it's good to work oneself past a slump....it sounds like you are working it all out. and i'm sure wonderful things are on the horizon!!

  2. Such a cute little list, #3 and #10 are so awwwwwwwww-squeeeeeee-inducing! ^_^ And I know how hard financial issues can be, especially when you're tight, but I DO know e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g WILL work out! You just wait and see!

  3. an amazing list! if anyone can accomplish it and be a success it is you! you truly are an inspiration to people like me. never forget that!

  4. your list is so awesome!! it made me excited and want to write my own list... also ROAD TRIP!!! TO MY HOUSE!! i mean, i am across the country :) two questions, what movies have you been watching annnnnd are you using a specific needle for leather on your sewing machine? i've been thinking of trying leather with mine but i don't want to kill it. love you, glad you're not a depressed lump anymore ;)

  5. Ahh! I wish to your house. someday....I'm using a regular needle, nothing fancy. just hand turn the first few stroked so you don't shock the needle, that's when it usually breaks... aaand, we recently watched "the secret" "rize" "case 39" umm some others, but I can't remember right now. I'll email you later. Love you too!! :) Lets chat soon

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