Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Silver Lining

I went to work this morning and only lasted about 2 hours before this flu bug took over and the chills/bodyache/runny nose got the best of me. I made it home with a quart of chicken noodle soup, put my pajamas on and discovered that Doug is feeling just about the same.

The silver lining on this literal rain cloud is that I got to enjoy the little things that do make me happy on a sick day. (not a real sick day, now we're just at home working...)
{these little stickers I won on Kaylah's blog just about a million years ago. I've been saving them for something good, like the back of my phone.}
{Doug using pieces of his broken iPod on his router}
{kitty snuggles}
{best brothers}
{I got these from my shop, little tea pots to put your loose leaf tea in. Love}
{Chicken noodle soup with the mister}
{And my favorite little jelly jar}



  1. oh gosh i totally used to have that jelly jar.

  2. get ready...I have the whole set, or I did, until Doug dropped one in the sink today and it broke. sad face...but I'm not too worried about it...

  3. Sorry you guys don't feel good. We both stated home from work too. I thinks it's from our lack of sleep. My body can't take much of that. Feel better and we WILL hang out soon!

  4. Awh, I love all of your photos! I have a jelly jar like that, but it is Pokemon.

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