Thursday, September 22, 2011

Snake Skin + Bonnie Billy + Panic Attacks

Doug finished these one of a kind pair of snakeskin sunglasses this morning. Our buddy Shawn who opened the local shop with us, lives out on a ranch right now. He found a rattlesnake by the horses and had to kill it. Rattlesnakes are really dangerous in Tucson, especially on the horse ranches, so Shawn had to kill it. He isn't unkind though. He fried it up, ate it and saved the skin for us.
Of course, Doug figured out a way to adhere it to the sunglasses and created these beautiful one of a kind shades. They are strange, I know, but the craftsmanship is immaculate and they really are unique. What do you think?
I wanted to share a song with you today too. There isn't much to say about it except it is probably one of my favorites, of all time.
The panic has set in. Our etsy shop sales have dropped so significantly, and our local store has been really quiet this week. It's scary, taking risks and relying on something that isn't set in stone. We try to stay positive. It's all you can do. :)
Hope all is well in your parts! We have the street fair this weekend and are pretty pumped about that! What do you think of the new layout? I'm still learning and testing the water!



  1. wow, rattlesnake!!!!? that's pretty cool.

    hope things pick up for you the new look!!!

  2. Wowwww! Those rattlesnake sunglasses are so awesome!! :D

  3. I think these are pretty cool. Atleast the rattlesnake used for something cool, like sungalsses! :D

  4. The snake-skin glasses are such a win! I'd totally wear 'um! Hot. Hot. Hot.

  5. Hope you'll have a better week next week! Sometimes thing get worse before they get better;)

    What a cool new design, I have no idea how he pulled it off, but it looks amazing!

  6. Those sunglasses are crazy & awesome!

  7. Ebb and flow is scary but natural. Try to groove on the quiet times. This might just be the lull before the holiday sales storm!

  8. Why did y'all take the other items off the shop? I love the sunglasses but I loved the trinkets too.