Friday, September 16, 2011

Dexter Riding Boots

Check out these 1970s Dexter riding boots we got in for the shop. I am so in love, but story of my life, they don't fit me. They are a size 9, and in what seems to be the most perfect broken in condition. They're in the shop, somebody come swoop them up! It will break my heart to see them sit, so lonesome for too long.
Are you dying over these beauties too? What's your go-to fall clothing/accessories?


  1. If only they were a half size bigger! Rats! They look awfully cute and comfortable though :)

    Hope life at the shop is treating you well!

  2. Those boots are amazing! Too bad I'm a 10. Curse you, giant boat feet!!!

  3. Oh my god I LOVE them. Boot lust.