Friday, September 16, 2011

Fall into Autumn

We make sunglasses (and eye wear) and since we live in Southern California, it isn't too hard to wear sunglasses year round. But, not everyone thinks sunglasses are a go-to during the fall/winter months. So, I thought I would make a list for all ya'll why sunglasses make sense year round!

1 // Snow glare is an even bigger issue than sun glare and our veneered sunglasses offer UV protection and we have polarized available upon request. Keep your eyes safe when you hit the slopes and look rad at the same time!

2 // Nothing goes better with the burnt oranges and mustard tones of autumn than natural wood grain. We leave an open grain on our sunglasses so you can actually see every nook and cranny the tree had to share.

3 // Having the prettiest sunglasses will give you a great excuse to get out of the house, even when it isn't so warm out, and go an adventure. Go where it's a little warmer, where you can stretch out against an autumn sun.

4 // Sunglasses make the perfect stocking stuffer. Perfect size, and a great something to look forward to as the days get warmer.

5 // Lastly, there is nothing classier than a woman in sunglasses. For example.
Have a great night, pals!


  1. All of this is SO true! Especially that evil sun glare. And that women look amazing in sunglasses - I mean, we really really do! ^_-

  2. Also, there are so. many. people. like me, with sensitive eyes. Sometimes, it's hard for me to go outside without some protection - no matter what the temperature is!

  3. Your sunglasses are so gorgeous. They are definitely on my Christmas wish list!!! Sea Marie