Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Raspberry Fail + Aqua Win!

Sorry, I skipped two-tone Tuesday because I had a really severe allergic reaction to those raspberries. You know, the cute little berries in my last post. I have very, VERY sensitive allergies and throughout my life have continued to develop new ones. But really, universe, raspberries. The sweetest little berry of them all.

I am pretty sad about it, but mostly just don't feel good. Still. Not to get too much into it, but when I have an allergic reaction to food, I break out in hives, get a very upset stomach and my throat and chest get very tight. It's the onset to anaphylaxis, which is what happens when I take *most* antibiotics or come in contact with mold. I don't know why I am so sensitive, but I am and it's usually not a big deal. I know what to stay away from, and everything is fine. But yesterday really threw me for a loop. I haven't had such a bad reaction since the last time I was put on antibiotics for bronchitis. It was really scary. I called Doug and he came home pretty quick. After drinking A LOT of water and breathing, I started to feel better, but it was still pretty scary.

Anyways, enough of that! Remember those slick shades I was wearing for my birthday photos? Well, we decided that we're going to make them for the shop now! Hooray!! You can get them in a limited supply here!
I'm going to get to work, we have so much to catch up on and so much to plan for. Big things happening in our neck of the woods! What's happening with you??



  1. Hey Beca, SO SO sorry for what happened! :( I know how you feel. I'm allergic to acetaminophen (which is in Tylenol and other meds.) I swear, I'm allergic to the sun. I can stand outside in the sun for a few minutes and instantly I get really bad hives and itching, I can blister and I've even started feeling faint. So weird!

    Hope you feel better today!!!

    And yay, glasses!!!

  2. Ugh, that sucks! I can commiserate on having a sensitive system, although thankfully I don't have any known/obvious allergies. I am SO SORRY that it's raspberries!! :(