Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pastel Pups by Rosita Mustache

Today I was going to blog about food. We made shrimp coated in Panko last night and I love it so much, I wanted to share, but I just couldn't do it, knowing I have these beauties to share with you. So you'll have to wait until next week to read about my love affair with Panko.

But now, oh my. Now, you get to see the amazing paintings that showed up in my mailbox today from Miss Rosita Mustache. Er, on my stoop because they obviously don't fit in my mailbox. They are huge! Life size, really! Except Ollie, he's too big to have a life size anything. Only life size hugs from that lovable oaf.
I love painting with watercolors, but I am not a painter with oils or acrylics. I just make a big old mess, so I have so much respect for painters who can give life to a painting using those mediums. Rosita Mustache has captured my pups personalities perfectly! (say that five times fast!)
The colors are incredible. The sunshiny day isn't doing these beauties justice, the colors are so pastel, they remind me of candy!
I am head over heels for these paintings and I can't believe I have them in my house now. Probably the best little birthday surprise ever!!
Charlie was being uncooperative while I was taking photos of him, he just wanted to snuggle, but seriously, the eyes are a perfect match. Charlie has the most expressive eyes, and is such an Eeyore, that his expression in the painting kills me.
Check out Danielle's blog post about the portrait she got from Rosita Mustache in the mail today!! And seriously, take a peek at her shop because there are a lot of pet portraits out there, but I've never seen any with so much personality or originality. Now I just need to figure out where to hang them!!



  1. Awww - these are SO sweet! Wow! What a lovely gift :) And those pups sure have some personality!

    (PS: Looking forward to your Panko post! I recently tried cooking with Panko for the first time and loved it!)


  2. okay, first i saw this and thought, "amazing, we did a post on the same thing!!!" then i thought, "hey, i was going to do a post on food today, but then i got my painting!" then i thought, "how funny, we even took a picture of the painting in the same pose!" are we cosmically communicating and just not realizing it?!

  3. Danielle, we are conjoined twins (err quads) how could we not share brainwaves?

  4. I will definitely post about Panko, Danielle V. I promise!

  5. oh my gosh, those paintings are so adorable!!

  6. Ahhhh, these are SO adorable! What a LOVELY birthday surprise. :D

  7. those are absolutely stunning! any size would be a statement on the wall. what a birthday treat.