Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey There, Baby! It's Birthday Time!

Today is the day! I'm 26. Not that old, but still kind of old. Like, my favorite art teacher from high school posted on my facebook wall for my birthday today, and I instantly realized that it's been 10 years since I graduated high school. TEN YEARS!

This is one of the only baby photos I have of myself. Boo, but it is definitely one of my favorites. Let's be real here, I think I look almost exactly the same. Right!! Everything about this photo makes me happy, and it's crazy that I think my Dad looks exactly the same, too. I'll show you photos of him when he's visiting!
We have some work to finish up, and then lots of fun plans for the weekend! One of my best friends surprised me and is driving out from Tucson for today!! And we're getting ready to go on some adventures! I love birthdays. But I miss my mom, today. hmm.
I hope ya'll have a fantastic day today, eat a cupcake for me and celebrate life. I am thankful every single day for everything I have. Last night, I told Doug there isn't a single thing that I want/need. I have everything. {Except an Cadillac Escalade and an iPhone, but we all make sacrifices! HA!}



  1. wow you graduated high school at the age of 16?! that's impressive!!! :D

    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Happy birthday! Hope you're having a great time today!

  3. Happy birthday lady pants!!!! You deserve the bestest of best day!

  4. i hope you are having a lovely day! have a wonderful birthday weekend full of fun and relaxation, you deserve it! see you soon xo

  5. Happy Birthday! hope you have a lovely day xx

  6. hope i am not tooooo late to the party... happiest of birthdays to you!


  7. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it was fabulous for you!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! I bet your birthday was awesome!

  9. I missed your birthday! :( Sorry! I hope it was FANTASTIC!!