Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Popsicle Kind of Afternoon

After another stressful, strenuous day at work, I got home just in time to say goodbye to our visiting buddy. It's been so nice having a friend visiting, especially because we all had so much fun when we all lived together in Tucson, it's been weird not having him close by. He even helped out big time with our shop, sanding and cutting, and keeping us from going crazy!

Doug left to go skateboarding and I had some much needed me-time. The boys joined me in the yard for a Popsicle and some laying in the sun with my eyes closed. It was rejuvenating, and now I'm ready to clean the house up and get busy here. I still have a lot of bags to make, and Doug is pumping out orders like a crazy man. The post office will love me tomorrow!

I snapped a few photos while we took a breather. Enjoy!
(Charlie snagged this pop-stick while I was playing with Monster, don't worry, I got it away from him but took a photo first because he was so proud that he sneaked it!)
(My hair is all kinds a mess right now!!)

What do you do when you need some you-time?



  1. Omg! I went to the park with scout today for some me time. I packed a lunch and blanket. We sat by the river for hours. <3

  2. I love the 2nd photo! They want that popsicle sooo bad, it's adorable.

  3. What a lovely looking day! Your dogs are so adorable. ♥ When I need some me-time, I sit down with a good magazine (or book,) wine (or whatever I have a taste for) and light some incense. After some reading, a long shower with lush shower gel and than nail painting! ^_^

    Plus of course, cuddling with Jen and the kitties!

  4. That first picture? Omigod! So cute! Well, they're all so cute! I had a tie dye party on Saturday and it was so fun and relaxing. Glad you had a good Sunday after work!

  5. Love your dogs and that blanket is gorgeous. I love to go thrift shopping on me days.

  6. Cute pups! I find my me time is best when im thrifting for my shop. I feel productive and it helps me clear my mind :)

  7. your pups are the most photogenic! look at those faces :)

    and messy hair is a hair style, i always say ;)

    "me time" is essential isn't it? especially after a stressful day. i have been using my foot spa that my husband surprised me with while reading "love in the time of cholera." speaking of reading... that reminds me! i need to check out our book club selection...


  8. Love the first photo!! It's so beautiful & adorable. And look how long your bangs are already!

  9. more pictures of your backyard lady! that's where i would chill for alone time...but instead usually i just put my headphones on with some music on the computer or put a record on. my headphones have a long cord so i can do stuff across our small living room without pulling my laptop from the table :)

  10. OMG, that first picture is the most adorable thing EVER!