Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet Treat Round Up Vol 2

I had a ridiculous 10 hour work day today, in which I managed to complete two giant cake orders, forget to sit down and take a break {I ate two bites of beet borscht but I was not feeling it,} and by the end of the day, I was sweating, cranky and over it. Thankfully, I came home, fell into a coma, and then got kidnapped by my bf and our buddy who is visiting from Tucson, to the Casino. I was excited for the buffet, but it was all sold out, so we ate like kings in the casino restaurant, and then won $65! Not too shabby for a spur of the moment excursion.

Now for the cakes. I did this wedding cake today that I am pretty happy with. The bride did NOT want any fondant on it, so it is buttercream, from top to bottom. I'm comfortable with buttercream, and I love the colors she chose. Muted and soft. The ruffles started out very uniform and straight, but I didn't like it, so I started over and made the ruffles more organic and natural. Next time I'll use a thinner, longer petal tip and maybe two tone the buttercream so there is more variation in the ruffles.

And I also managed to do a few fun items for the case, like a rainbow cake {getting ready for pride next weekend here in Hillcrest,} and strawberry mint julep french macarons. I also made some chocolate ice cream cone cupcakes, but the were too top heavy, so I turned them into upside down icecream cone cupcakes. Just as cute, and still delicious.
And this sheet cake for the HillQuest block party tomorrow. If you're in Hillcrest, stop by the block part on 7th and get a slice of cake!
I have another early day tomorrow, so off to bed. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


PS The shop is back open, we got way too many emails and convos that keeping the shop closed over the weekend was just stupid. Ya'll may have a few extra day wait on your sunglasses, though! {love!}


  1. Holy wow, that wedding cake is fantastic. O.o You have major skill! Love the pride and HillQuest cakes and uh, do you plan on sharing the recipe for the macaroons? *cough*

  2. That wedding cake is just divine. I am not a fan of fondant myself and those buttercream ruffles make me want to drool. Beautiful Beca!

  3. Ok, so, that wedding cake is just AMAZING. you're gonna have to amke a trip here to make me one some day. This is you heads up.

    Also, stop making such crazy awesome sounding macaroons! It's just unfair when I'm so far away! I tried to convince Ben to take me with him on a work trip to Cali in September, but it won't work out :(