Friday, July 8, 2011

Le Contest + LA Adventure

design contest
The design contest is still happening and you only have one week left to submit your design and enter the contest on the blog! We are excited to see all of the entries, as I know you all are super talented and creative! Plus, who doesn't want a custom pair of sunglasses based on their own design. Get on over and enter before it's too late!

Yesterday, we drove up to LA to hand deliver a wholesale order of some really beautiful sunglasses that will be used in an ongoing photo project around the world! We are so excited to see where the sunglasses go! We kind of wish we could pack our selves up and do the same!
So silly me, I didn't take any photos of our sunglasses with their new owner, but I was too excited talking and playing show and tell. After our little meeting, we drove over to the North Hollywood Skate Park for a hot minute while Doug checked it out.
And then down to Hollywood Boulevard for some ginat pizza!
I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had so much work to do, and are taking full advantage of having a friend in town to help out. We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning working, and my fingers were numb from sanding, and Doug couldn't see straight anymore.

My veins are flowing with coffee, we're off to do a tool run, and then back to work! I love it! We have never been happier!

Don't forget to enter the contest, spread the word, and have an awesome Friday. {I am dreading going back to work tomorrow...but will have some awesome wedding cakes to share early next week!}


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  1. LOVE adventures like this! So glad you're having so much fun! We must MEET! <3