Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Are you there, Blogosphere? It's me, Beca

Oh hi, old friends. Long time no see. It has been hectic. Life. Life. And more life.

I took three days off work, which really isn't a lot, but it was much needed. I have a lot to do tonight before one of my very best friends in the whole (next to Doug, that is) is coming to stay with us for a week. We're going to put him to work helping us fill the 70+ orders we have in queue.

We are driving up to LA tomorrow to drop off a wholesale order for a friend of my cousin, Alek. I am really excited to hand deliver them! I love seeing peoples faces when they get the glasses. The glasses in the photo below were for another wholesale order. More on that later.
I am quickly learning the ins and outs of making a product that people wear on their face. They're not always happy. Even though we love what we do, and I think we're pretty damn good at it, making something that sits so boldly there on your face is tricky. Sometimes people don't like the way that it looks on them after they get it. Sometimes they don't take care of their belongings. Sometimes we make a mistake. It happens. Gasp! But when I get an email from an unhappy customer, it's hard for me to not take it personally. We really do try our best to send out quality product, but we are only human. So please, internet world, send nice emails if something it not perfect. We are much more prone to help promptly when kind words are shared.
I have a few major cakes coming up early next week and it's nerve racking thinking about them, but I am trying to stay busy and not worry about work to come. Instead I am sewing, packing, printing, shipping, sweeping, and the like. Life is good.
I will be back soon. Even if just for a check in. I love you all!



  1. Your glasses are very beautiful and should I ever buy a pair (which I definitely will!) I promise I'll send a nice e-mail! A nice e-mail in general. I don't get people who complain? I mean, if you sent them broken glasses in a dirty box, THAN maybe they have a right. :P But the quality of your glasses, your passion for the products you create... Ridiculous. You rock! Don't take what other people say personally (okay, I need to take the same advice.) But seriously, you ROCK!

  2. you know what I think -that you guys rock! keep up the good work!

  3. 70+ orders?! HUZZAH!!! you deserve this-- both you and doug.

    what you don't deserve is mean people (who just suck!) your product is BEAUTIFUL. stylish. affordable. Don't you ever feel bad or take the blame for someone else's bad judgement on getting the wrong pair for their face shape etc. (remember when i asked you which one would look best on my face?) i LOVE the sunglasses/glasses we've ordered from you. It was my fault when i put it in my purse and one of the screws came out but that was a quick fix with a 99 cent glasses case and NOT ONCE did i think to blame you. not once!

    so keep on your chin up and realize that mean people will always suck and that's the sad truth isn't it?

    love you!